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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

c0oL!!I'm Back!!hokkaido~PreEngagement!!

Hey!!Finally Ros send me to the Airport!!I reached KL got to see my Love..baby i mish u so much!

We have so much fun, eventho we broke! That Nite we go out for dinner, and I gave him a masssage,,yah baby i know u kept complaining your wifey left you and and u had very bad headache! Now its cured right baby??Nothing Much that night...

The next day, we go out by Motorbike! Since it's has been a long time we havent ride together ..last time i remembered is when he's gotten his LC..LOL..It's Hot outside!!I'm burning my feet!I'm wearing flip flop! and then we took 1 hour Journey to MAHA 2010! huh!!after like 3 steps,,we turned back!haha..
It's too hot, n the place omg too big!!like 10 acres!!it's scattered!!you have to walk!
So we've decided to go back at his hse & exchange LC with Sentra!finally,,He drops me off at Jusco,,let me have a bite of cinnamon stix by Aunty Anne's!Yum! Then like usual, window shopping!!omg,I feel like killing myself I'm dying to buy 2 pcs of Wedges!! T_T
n..I've tried Revlon matte lipstick,,nice color!NUDE!!

The next day!OmG!!My Future in law come over to my hse for pre-engagement!!OMG now my baybee has Booked me!!!look at my finger!!Don't be jealous!I'm nervous for the next step!

On monday, I felt like heaven staying at home waiting for Gm come to pick me up to MAHA 2010!Cramp!!No more Maha!!That should be the last time!!That night we have dinner at Hokaido!!Yum!!Soft Crab with salted egg!!
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Hokkaido restaurant ,Vistana Hotel, 9 Jalan Lumut, Pekeliling, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Now I'm Back in Kuantan!!

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