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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I took injection??No I'm not!!

Hye gurls,,
I dunno whether I should post this or not,,the thing is,,people claim that I took injection for my skin,,
which is I'm totally not,,As I've shared in this blog,,How I loose my acne,,I did not mention to take any injection,,
I do have intention to do so,,but turn's out my Doc didn't do Vitamin C injection anymore..
So He only gave my antibiotic,,allergy medication,, cleanser and vitamin C pills,,as I mention in last post..
He needs me to do follow up treatment to see him after a month to see how was my skin, whether recover or worsen,,and I've told the Doc that impossible for me to see him again since he's in Ipoh and I work in Kuantan..
Just Imagine how much it'll cost my petrol and tol despite that I've to pay for skin medication furthermore... So he gave me 1 month antibiotic and Vitamin C supplement which I can take it last for 3 months...

Hmmm,,But I'm super sad today,,which I was supposed to be excited that my leave approved and I'm drivin back to hometown,KL today after work.....

I just can't believe this will be an issue..I've let go many other things,,I didn't wanna be calculative of everything..because I know, it'll be useless and I dun have guts anymore,,I feel like leaving and move on!!

I've told myself that I'll be patient and waits a bit longer,,I don't wanna give up,,I wanna prove myself, I can do it!! 

I've told myself again,,today is my day,,tomorrow may be yours,,

Gosh,,please put this feeling a way from me,,shooh,,shooh,,~

I wish that I'll be home safely and have a good journey,,

Mood happy and excited, please come back!

P/S: I feel like I'm a celebrity that I have to do this kind of confession! which is soo not!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

tak suka! benci! kena lagi!

waaaa..pagi2 lagi mood da spoilt....nape i kne lagi??
I da blacklist ke??asal ak jln je kne tangkap?

pagi2 ida mintak no IC;
eh knape?
ida : nak cek saman..

dup dap dup dap jantung ak tgu mende tuh loading,,tp mcm konfiden x ada,,koz bwu ahad lepas Azam cek kan,,mmg x ada,,still la dup dap dup dap sbb smlm i langgar trafit lite ! haha....
dup dap dup dap

paaap kluar wtr****... 870811******

sila klik klu x nampak confirm klu p*** nmpk je no plate kete ak!!
tgk tuh!! KL??10.58 pagi??7th FEB??KL?Pelik ok!!msalahnyer i da bwk dgn sgt slow koz mmg da tarak duit nak bayar saman tuh!!pokai abis da lagi beberapa mgu je i nak idup roadtax!! my bf siap ngamok2 i bwk mcm mak nenek,,tp mmg i da phobia ngn saman & awitu kne sondol blkg..siyes..x mampu dah!! I clear 4 saman okayh end of the year aritu!!org shopin sakan year end sale,, ak sopin saman !!!benci!!!
Even kat Gambang harituh mmg i drive 90-100 kne cucuk2 kt blkg,,i bwk lane kiri okay!!
x da otak ke aper?? ngeri lah mcm nie!!!
ke sbb ak pkai neo kne aim??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CONTEST : PHOTOSHOOT PERCUMA bernilai RM150 anjuran Faridism Photography

Thanks to Cik fm for tagging me in the ......


1 ) Buat satu entry berkaitan contest ni. ( CONTEST : PHOTOSHOOT PERCUMA bernilai RM150 anjuran Faridism Photography ) & letakkan banner contest di entry dan sidebar anda.

2 ) Dalam entry tu, tulis SEBAB kenapa anda harus dipilih untuk menang PHOTOSHOOT PERCUMA ni. Dan juga, tulis TEMA dan shoot macam mana yang anda nak. Kalau ada contoh gambar lagi bagus. Contoh : Photoshoot couple, potrait, keluarga, kawan ataupun apa2 sahaja :)
3 ) Link kan blog ni dalam entry anda.
4 ) Diwajibkan follow blog ni untuk mendapat tahu updates terbaru tentang contest ni & kalau nak LIKE page Faridism Photography di SINI pun boleh :)
5 ) Tag minimum 3 orang kawan dan make sure kawan anda tahu yang dorang kena tag.
6 ) Tinggalkan link entry contest anda dalam komen dibawah. (click here)
My Pre-wed Photoshoot Theme would be

The reasons why i should pick as winner:
It is because I would always dream photoshoot like models..celebrity..I know I would never have that chance because i'm not celebrity..Yet, I'm not pretty enough..So I would love to have a fantastic looking good pictures of Hollywood-celebrity-style pictures..It's a chance of a lifetime that OP would take my pictures and I believe that FARADISM can do it!! Photographer have incredible magical touch !!

What kind of shoot that I want?
x nak gamba pokok,,kayu batu smua bgai2..
i nak focus on me and mr HubBee.2.Bee.
i nak jd model??mmg x laa..
so mmg once in a life time jer..
instead of taking picture pelik2,,i nak album yg memory last forever..
I know I'm not super skinny and hot, but x salah kan tok pre-wed i nak amek hot shoot??hehe..
For contest ke or for real,,I'm definitely choose this theme for my pre-wed...daring x? hehe

These kind of shoot that I like

style model2..

 style hilary duff !!

my fav shot of Hilary duff!

 paparazzi candid with his hubby
I dunno why but i like papparazi style picture..love it !

 Kelly clarkson,,chubby but still hot !!

are u dare to take my picture??anybody??

So gurls,,I tag u...
1) cik mira

Looking for tailor for e-day dress!!

Yup3,,My e-day is on Apr,,Kain da beli,,
x tempah lagi,,this weekend I'm goin back..hehe
Home sweet home...nak cari tpt yg best berbaloi to make my e-day outfit!!
kurung moden sudeh !!

credit pics to farhana design by rizalman

I nak color blush pink !! as I announce in previous entry...

pic taken from make up by amy janz

Cantik kan??best nyer klu cantik cam rozita cek wan nieh..

kne blogwalking lah !! Misi mencari tailor within 2 days before balik !!

any suggestion??

Monday, February 21, 2011

I need guidance to the aisle

Yes I need lotsa guidance from experienced people out there..
I'm totally have no experience about wedding preparation..
My bro and sis still un-married...

But, adek nye gatai sgt nak kawen !! haha
Tp ada hikmah nye I kje kat Kuantan nie,,I dapat hsemate yg mmg bride2be..

So they guide me alot..
I thot wedding,, is just a wedding,,
But it's a lot more than that..
minimum amount,,the simplest wedding could cost u 2 0 K !!!

So,, I was the fairytale girl who always wanted to marry prince charming like CINDERella..
My family call me Ella,, No wonder I wanna be princess so bad !! 
Believe it or not I was addicted to watch ENCHANTED for like 20 times !! bestes movies ever..
They make all the fairytales are not just a dream,,But turn it into reality..
the princess dress are real !!

Enchanted,,*ada hati nak jadi princess??

However,,that is dream,,my wedding definitely be more malay tradition..
My HubBee.2.Bee bantah habis ckp I nak kawen mcm owg puteh !!
x salah kan?? I rasa kawen mcm org puteh lagi simple n jimat..x da pelamin bagai...
cukup ada arch..n then simple catering kan?? dah habes cite trus..
Bju satu jer..one honoured wedding dress !!

tah la,,planning for engagement sudah pusing satu badan..
dgn I kat Kuantan all my family,, HubBee.2.Bee kat KL..
BTW,,this weekend I'm coming back to KL for my brother's engagement..KEDAH plak tuh !!
I x tau la I sempat ke x nak g tailor, g bli emas for e-day n wedding..

Let's pray hard!!

Jom join faceblog chumey nie

Jom join faceblog nieh..chumey n hot sgt ! the faceblog

stress!! I miss being BUSY!

Why am I stress??
I'm stressful but not like others...But I'm stress for the following reason..


waarrrgghh..wat to do?
I duno!! I dun have job to do at all..I'm sitting on my chair and blogging..
To be hon,,I've never tot of blogging at all..
since livin my life in Kuantan, I'm bored! (tahap gaban)

Is it normal u shaking ur leg at office ??
sometimes I miss those busy and hectic life in KL..
Workload, traffic jam, Having breakfast in car, make up in the car,,
Honestly,, I'm havin fun out of it..

I've used my time wisely by doin job in happy mood..
9 to 6 doin job,,laughin with colleagues,,
then hanging around at nite..talk an talk..and laugh out loud..
Where I tot wen ur happy,,U didn't realize time is running,,
( tau tau je da next gaji, x pasan pon da sebulan ! )
I miss those days seriously,,I'm not kidding..
These picture is taken during our dinner at Royale Bintang..

CSC's show
angel's of the nite..LOL


Livin life in Kuantan,,is too "heaven"..
No traffic,,not hactic,,nutin to chase...

Maybe u tot tat I'm crazy..
tak bersyukur and all that..
Seriously, I am,,Thank God for all of this,,
But I am crazeeeeee,,
Crazeeee koz livin in too peaceful place..

orang jadi gila sebab terlalu bz,,stress byk gle kje,,x smpat makan x spend time for family,anak nangis2,bini lagi, nak layan laki lagi,, tensen..
ada jugak orang gila sbb lonely,,anti-social,,x der org nak ganggu...terlalu peaceful!! sampai x tau nak wat pe dah!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

which pink are you ?

Who loves pink hands up please !
Yes, yes, i am !!
I'm crazy over pink !!

Just listen! How many times do we use the word “Pink” in a positive way?  “In the pink” = healthy, good, happy.  Pink is associated with childhood innocence and with feminine nature.  It’s a bit flirty, too – which makes it a sassy color.

are u a pink lover?? I know this days pink is too cmmon for all girls ...
Does 20's sumtin is still consider a  girl?? hmm..maybe due to overdose of Barbie fever wen we still a lil' girl..
Have u google and search about pink??
pink has its own story okay..don't believe me?? check at wiki okay...
I found this at wiki..

so which pink are u??
I say BLUSH PINK !! pale softest pink !! baby pink !
Hello kitty's Pink !!
hello kitty house for real!!

Lately I'm crazee over blush pink !
It's such a soft and calming color !

why I love blush pink???
Blush Pink makes me happy !!

And I love the combination of off white and blush pink, it's incredibly pretty!!
My engagement, my weeding,,my rumah tangga all must be off white and blush pink !!

Look at all this pretty shoes..blush pink !

Look at this angel..owh..gorgeus!!

If posibble, i wanted a pink car !! (**overdose of paris hilton wanna be pills..**)

There's a movie in 1986, pretty in pink !!!

P/s: those pink haters..this blog might hurt your eyes..please wear prada sunglasses..

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