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Saturday, February 19, 2011

♥ engagement ring !! ♥

Yay,, guess what ??
My HubBee.2.Be just call up and says that we're goin to hunt for Engagement ring !!
Yay,, please be cool okay Suhilary..Don't be too excited or u might end up sad.....

My Mak.2.Be ask HubBee.2.Be to take me together look for engagement ring !!!
Love u Mak.2.be ! They already pick the ring,,but then she called and says better if look myself..
she's worried if I dun like it...

Is it true for Merisik a.k.a pre-engagement must hv cincin belah rotan?
and for Engagement must hv cincin batu ??
ye ke??
Then,, how many ring I have to wear?? urrgghh..

To be hon, I've never like emas at all ! my mum gave me rantai emas for my spm present ( 9A's kowt!! *pandai gak eh? msuk u mengong trus corot* )..I didn't wear it at all..* soory mama, but I ♥ u ! *
Now I'm wearing silver necklace with A for afeeq ler.. *sanggup ! sayang bf ke sayang mak ??!!*

Then, as in previous entry click here i finally chose gold ring !! haha..   
After lectures from mama & Mak.2.Be !!
"buat apa nak mas putih ? dah la mahal , x laku plak tuh..awak tuh putih , yang takot sangat pakai emas apa pasai?? pada mama baek beli emas ! okay.."

Tapi,,,I tethap nak white gold ring ! diamond ring ! coz if u buy yellow gold for diamond ring, it is not 916..
why?? coz 916 gold can't hold diamond..850 gold can hold the diamond...
so ??
better i take white gold diamond ring eh??
I want engagement ring like HILARY DUFF !!
Hilary's engagement ring *lovely n huge !! *

Then, as if for gold...hmmm..begini kowt..

But that day, CNY I went to Wah Chan and I want the whole set of gold jewelery !! nacklace, bracelet and anklet !! hambek kau.. be ready ya HubBee.2.Be...hehehe..*materialistic !!*
10 years ago emas like 30 hengget segram now 150+++ !! almost 5 times !!!Imagine in the next 10 years??
FUUhhh....Let's be materialistic everybody yeaahh !!

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