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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I took injection??No I'm not!!

Hye gurls,,
I dunno whether I should post this or not,,the thing is,,people claim that I took injection for my skin,,
which is I'm totally not,,As I've shared in this blog,,How I loose my acne,,I did not mention to take any injection,,
I do have intention to do so,,but turn's out my Doc didn't do Vitamin C injection anymore..
So He only gave my antibiotic,,allergy medication,, cleanser and vitamin C pills,,as I mention in last post..
He needs me to do follow up treatment to see him after a month to see how was my skin, whether recover or worsen,,and I've told the Doc that impossible for me to see him again since he's in Ipoh and I work in Kuantan..
Just Imagine how much it'll cost my petrol and tol despite that I've to pay for skin medication furthermore... So he gave me 1 month antibiotic and Vitamin C supplement which I can take it last for 3 months...

Hmmm,,But I'm super sad today,,which I was supposed to be excited that my leave approved and I'm drivin back to hometown,KL today after work.....

I just can't believe this will be an issue..I've let go many other things,,I didn't wanna be calculative of everything..because I know, it'll be useless and I dun have guts anymore,,I feel like leaving and move on!!

I've told myself that I'll be patient and waits a bit longer,,I don't wanna give up,,I wanna prove myself, I can do it!! 

I've told myself again,,today is my day,,tomorrow may be yours,,

Gosh,,please put this feeling a way from me,,shooh,,shooh,,~

I wish that I'll be home safely and have a good journey,,

Mood happy and excited, please come back!

P/S: I feel like I'm a celebrity that I have to do this kind of confession! which is soo not!


cheQmOomOo said...

saba yek..
wee tp bes nye if da acnefree :)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

mmg best da free dr acne,,not just to obseses with beauty,,tp acne tuh mmg satet kan?menyeksa n rimas..acne part of penyakit...org plak salah anggap,,heshh,,

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