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Thursday, March 3, 2011

white gold VS yellow gold

Yay, I'm back!
So many thing to share here,,but I'm not feeling very well...
Still,, I felt like sharing everything wtv happend during my last vacation back home..
as I mentioned before I'm back for my Bro's E-day, need to buy E-Ring, and E-dress..
Everything is great (sweet and sour)
But, this entry I'll share about E-ring first ok..
next entry will reveal on my bro's e-day..Promise!!

Me and hubBee.2.be was so excited to look for the e-ring..
promise to go with him on Sunday.
Luckily on Fri, I followed my mom to buy another ring for my bro's fiancee,, 
then, my eyes attracted to 18K white gold diamond ring..since my mak.2.be saids that for engagement must gv diamond ring..
As I've shared in last post,,i want exactly the same ring as HILARY DUFF>>square cut diamond ring..

It's in Malay culture..as for engagement must gv diamond ring..
and she asked me once, whether I like yellow gold or not..
swear to god i don't like it at all..
but i don't wanna be disobeyed daughter in law..in fact,,wedding is something that is very important to get parents bless..so, I just followed..when i was looking at the yellow gold ring,,I've found quite huge square cut diamond ring,,pretty!!
just like my hubBee.2.be choices!! (I've also mentioned in last post that he's already booked ring for me)
so I've gv a try,,then my mom showed another ring white gold ring!!
OMG it's sooo puurrrffeeecctt!! seriously I like it so much!!!
and the price is within my hubBee.2.be budget..so I was so excited....
*praying that my hubBee.2.be love it too*

As promised, on Sunday I come over to hubBee.2.be house,,as we promised to go out with his parents to buy e-ring for me..but then,,dunno how,,my HubBee.2.be gv excuses to go next time with his parents,,since he wants to be alone with me today..awww so shweet..but we far away from our mission okay!!to get e-ring..
However that nite we are still go out..dating,,but both of us faking!! we were pretending we're excited lovey-dovey miss each other,,but then we just can't admit it we are so damn tired!! Since Friday we travel form KL to my mom's hometown; Kuala Kangsar then on Saturday to sungai petani!! then bcak to Kuala Kangsar again and back to KL that nite as well!!fuhhh damn tired!!

On the next day,we went out to look for ring before I go back to Kuantan..back to shop that I went with my mom,,n I just couldn't believe it that my HubBee.2.be loves the ring that I mentioned!!and he called mak.2.be and she says go ahead...he called a few times to make sure his mom agreed,,the she says ok..I didn't have clear picture of that 18K white gold ring,,is it because of the diamond reflection??or is it my hp does not meet the requirement..hmmm...this is the picture of the e-ring...

can u see it??huge rite??got 11 diamond okies...hehe..
2011..so lucky that the diamond also 11...
we both excited since this ring is our choice..our choice!!!
It's first time that we have one words..we are most likely argue on who's win or not..
both of us win...
Mom loves it too..
we're so excited that makes us feel like getting engaged tomorrow!!
haha,,the big steps is done!!
now all depends on me to arrange my e-day...

That nite on my way back to Kuantan,,mom has to follow me back cause I was stuck in traffic MRR2 for 2 hours..
It's late already,,7.30pm,,
so my HubBee.2.be won't let me drive at nite..
then my mom agree to follow me back to Kuantan...
and I was smiling the whole time!! (b'coz of my ring are huge!!) =p

what happen then??my mak.2.be didn't like the ring!!
cause it was white gold!!
she didn't like it at all,,
she saids that white gold has no trade in value..
furthermore it's expensive compare to yellow gold..
she saids that her friends son engagement disaster because of a WHITE GOLD!!
Because of the girls family didn't believe that was original gold...
Imagine that!! she didn't want that happen to our E-day..
OMGosh...this can't be happening..
I want both parents to be happy....
I love white gold..i don't care whether it's expensive and low trade in value..
I don't wanna sell my E-ring!!never thot of that!!
what if I like platinum??it's even more expensive and have no trade in value at all!!
Even if I pick yellow gold as for diamond ring for sure the ring is not 24 carat or 916 gold okay..
it's 850 gold..means not 100% gold! so it's still the same...
tat's why I pick that 750 or 18 carat white gold!!
and as for my pre-engagement ring I've chose 916 gold ring,,so as my wedding jewelery..
916 gold is fine to me,,since I know the value..But as for diamond ring??it's okay rite to choose white gold??

I keep asking my HubBee.2.be to change back the ring..till today..I didn't want to hurt anyone..

Girls,,If u come across anything like this,,better not to know at all..
our happiness or parents happiness are important??

last picture of our e-ring...(I've googleD it and I've found quite similar to our e-ring)

this is how our ring should look like....If we pick yellow gold..my Mak.2.be will be happy..


lovelyadibah said...

wah!bestnyer dh ada e ring!:) takpe la kan..up to orang kot..my fren dier nyer e ring pun white gold..paper pun bincang dl k!:)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

mmg besh da ada e-ring,,tatot bab keberkatan tuh..
thanks for your advice dear..appreciate it..

cheQmOomOo said...


♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

tq cheqmomo..mmgs santek kan..
still smiling thinkin of it..

Nadya Zahid said...

cantik gile ur e-ring...tp i rase white gold lagi chantekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!
huhuhuh :)
erm, u ckp leklok dgn ur hubby 2 be n ur mother in law la..byk2 kan berdoa..hope evrything dipermudahkan...

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

i know! santek kan..both of us love it so much!

thnks for ur advice dear,,mite takes sometimes for her to accept this,,hope that she's gna be okay,,x da simpan2 dlm hati..

Nadya Zahid said...

huhuhuh..u doa byk2 k...smoga sumenye dipermudahkan..u r lucky..engagement dah dpt ring yg bling bling tau...huhuhu

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

ok2,,i doa byk2,,thanks laling,,
eh,,u pon blig2 ok e-ring u,,square cut kan,,adorable okies,,love it too,,,u expose la lg story on ur e-day,,seriously I love it so much...


Anonymous said...

hye su..
i bru je bce ur blog ni..
suke la u ckp, parents happiness are more important..
so, hw de ring?
tukar ker?

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

Thanks laling..
x tkr ponnn..
hehe...i sgt puas hati tgk cincin idaman i kt tgn i nie..hehe...
klu x mst regret je spanjang mase..hihi....

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