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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Transformation

Hye gurls,,Today so in the mood of telling the story of my practical students..intern..
yup,,I'm a microbiologist and she doesn't have any ideas what am I doing..
She's majoring in mechanical engineering (Agriculture)!
haha...no connection at all rite,,,
But, since my company major bussiness is Poulry farming,
technically we're the contract farmers with ayamas..
yup,,we supply chicken for KFC!
Have you ever wondering why does KFC is so delicious?
weird ok,,I've try eat it in my farm,,
means that we slaughterer the chicken cook ourself..
Honestly,,the taste is different!!it's sweet n juicy!
seriously I'm not lying..
and I know the secrets already,,
It's the probiotic supplement made by the microbiologist-it's me!!!hahahahaha
Our chicken is totally organic,,
means that despite our chicken feed and vaccine supplied by ayamas,,our chicken is given probiotic only!!
yes! it's not EM (Effective Microorganism),like usually people do in M'sia, they will only repackaging the EM by diluting the concentrated EM,hoping the probiotic will grow..so those EM that u're purchase is not genuine anymore..
do not blame the probiotic if ur farm doesn't deliver the result that u desire!
It's difficult to get the mother culture of the original EM,since it's from Japan..
So,,if u wanna try the original mother culture of probiotic kindly contact me..
all of sudden promote my product,,seriously,,if anybody happens to look for solution improving your chicken performance,,kindly contact us,,okies..
the cost RM0.10 per birds!
yup!that cheap and it could save a lot!!
save on chicken feed,increase FCR,
and ur farm free from the smell of chicken manure!
don't believe me??come to our farm..

Back to the story of my intern..
the connection..she's in agriculture,and she's a bit rough and brave opposite to my attitude..
this is how I changed her...


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