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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alhamdulillah..Rizq Batricia safely arrived!

Alhamdulillah... Rizq Batricia selamat dilahirkan secara normal pada 21.10.2013, isnin, 5.50 ptg @ KPMC, Kajang..

Here's our lil' family <3

Lots of love,
Updated from iphone

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Long silence-I'm expecting new family soon!

Hye guys...
Testing 123...
Ok let's skip the whole year of my wedding story.. As now im happily married and expecting a baby very soon which i hv overdue 3 days from my EDD..
It's ok... Maybe she's enjoying the futsal or bowling or swimming inside mamy's tummy..whether he or she, the baby want to suprise mamy n dady.. Fair enough..
It's been 4 days i didnt go to work.. 
Im totally lazy for work as im overdue.. Im just too excited for the baby to come out.. I just don't care about the labour pain or wtv.. Mamy n dady just too excited about u baby...

When people ask when the baby comin out.. It making me stress out! Haih..
Stop asking ok?? Im the one becoming a parent, not u!


So wat did i do while im on mc?? 
Yes! It's hard to believe isn't?
People said u hav to walk alot.. Which i definitely don't do park! They're hot and making me sweat!
So, i always enjoy shopppinggg!
So everyone was like
" larat ke jln2"
Definitely yes!!
I think my shopping list all done!! Eventho there are few things we left it to shop it after the baby pops out!
Hahaha... Hamek kau.. Geramss sgt.. X tau nak wat pe.. 

Haih baby syg mamy.. Cpt kuar ye.. Smua x saba nk jumpe baby nie...
Tgk je muke mamy n dady.. Excited kan??


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