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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Officially Engaged! Alhamdullillah~

Hye Gurls..
How are today??greaatttttt teacher!..hehe
(yesterday I'm teaching english..so..hehe..poyo!)
Alrite..Alhamdulillah..I selamat ditunangkan with my tunang..
I'm so thankful to Allah..everything goes well...
Can u imagine..3 days before it's raining like cat and dog!!..
lecah banjir everywhere...
I'm so damn worried that I haven't slept for a week!
Thank god on the Day..
it was hot sun..nice wheather (eventho I'm a puteri lilin, xsuka panas,tp majlis begini,tat's wat we call a good wheather!)
i'm glad happy,speechless,,,
overall only 48% is according to my plan..the rest..Itot Qada' & Qadar...
tp,,mmg meriah..ske sgt...
13 car from his side..
total guest around 500..
1st round org kampung makan dulu..mmg ramai..
then, my family belah my mom and my dad's side..
then, rombongan lelaki makan,,penuh dua khemah!
tp mmg x kelam kabut..koz time depa mkn,,x da guest lain kacau,,koz everybody da makan..
and they all siap tambah! mintak mangkuk besa nak kaut ikan patin gulai tempoyak!!!
overall mmg seronok sgt...hehe..
I x pat nak share everything in 1 post..I'll upload more pictures okies..
mark my words..
I'm still waiting pictures from our OP..

this is picture from 1 of my fionce cousin...

So Long guys! Miss u!

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