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Friday, November 26, 2010

♥s0mebody Help me!♥

♥ i'm goin for outstation to KL next week,monday, so i should go back today so that i can be home until tuesday! the thing is, ineed help from s0mebody to send me to 'airport'..hmmmm..n i don't want to trouble my h0usemate!hmmmm,,,what should i do??

S0metime i felt like i wanna pack my stuff n leave!! 
Is it worth it for me to stay n work here??yes, i am away from family,which mean away from problem! but,hmmm I'm lonely!too peaceful n i'm standing alone!what shud i do??what job will be the  bestcareer for me??


♥need totally make over!!♥

♥ Gosh!!♥
i need totally new haircut,,first come in my mind>>> my lovely hilary duff!! yes!yes!yes! I love her hairdo..my hair is up to my waistline, straight, quite thin,so what i'm gonna do, 

rebonding ; 100 $ Jack's cut my Fav of all Tyme!!
recoloured ; 25♥ DIY at h0me!!
trim, layered : free Jack's cut is the best!! ♥♥

& transformed my look like my idol.....♥♥♥♥

gorgeous huh???♥♥♥♥♥ the color??may be be i've should choose the burnette,,with some highlight!!♥♥ 

this is my fav♥♥

n eyes,,yes of course ,,i'm asian,,my skin is fair but my eyes color black,,my fav eyes color,

Megan Fox!!
omg!!its so sexy!!but it's quite hard to get the exact color!is it blue?grey? i don't know..

may be i should get twilight lens!!heeeeee ^_^

& i don't want to talk anything about weight issue!!Fucks!sucks!it never works!!I'm not as strong as Tara Costa!


make up??I always did smokey eyes n nude! but here in m'sia its difficult to get nude color!
Mac always have,but it's expensive!this is good one!! gaga style!yeah!


my fav color yes! nude pink!♥♥

my fav tutor??makeupbytiffanyd,,check out her blog as well yeah!!

ok,ok,ok,,more to come from suhilary..gta get back to work!!

sue xoxoxo

Thursday, November 25, 2010

♥ I fall in ♥ with bloGs ^_^♥

OMG!! I can't believe it!! today 1/2 day at the office I find a way on how to upgrade my Blog same as everybOdy!! n0t t0 c0py, but linK me to my iDeas..heeeeeee..

aS sO0n aS i got hOme I 0pen mY laptop & stArt WriTing!!

This is gEttiNg m0rE fUn & ♥ iT!!!!

yes! yes! yes!!

I duN care bUt i wiLL do iT!!

toDay I'm full !! argghh,,< i think my weight gain each day i grew up > T_T

I had sizzling mee, bubble tea < my faV flAv0r of aLL time>>Honey dew!!>>

evening goin out with my colleagues ceLebrating Hidayah B'day!! I'm having bLack forest cheEse n chiCken Gordon bluE n....free coFFee!! ohhh i ♥ free stuff nvr get bored with c0fee,,♥ u Cofee!!

I gave her AVON lipstick,,shes love it,but i get it very reasonable price!! > this is our secret..sHHHHHH 


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1st Cut is the DeepeSt!!

oMg!!difficult!!i wanna create something simple & it must have all the things that i love!!
Hello kitty
Hilary duff...
oh speaking of her,,she's always been my idol..she's pretty,,prettier day by day especially on her wedding!!
here some of her pix!!love it

Hey I'm trying something new..

OMG,,I'm freaking bored,,i hve just graduated,got new job as microbiologist in kuantan,Pahang!!
Im bored!!I'm all alone by myself...

Then I was thinking, i fell like i wanna speak to somebody, not bf, not gf but like speaking to the wall..

and,,all of sudden,,why not if I write a blog,,this is new,,but I wanna give a  try, like hilary duff, my idols..


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