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Friday, November 26, 2010

♥need totally make over!!♥

♥ Gosh!!♥
i need totally new haircut,,first come in my mind>>> my lovely hilary duff!! yes!yes!yes! I love her hairdo..my hair is up to my waistline, straight, quite thin,so what i'm gonna do, 

rebonding ; 100 $ Jack's cut my Fav of all Tyme!!
recoloured ; 25♥ DIY at h0me!!
trim, layered : free Jack's cut is the best!! ♥♥

& transformed my look like my idol.....♥♥♥♥

gorgeous huh???♥♥♥♥♥ the color??may be be i've should choose the burnette,,with some highlight!!♥♥ 

this is my fav♥♥

n eyes,,yes of course ,,i'm asian,,my skin is fair but my eyes color black,,my fav eyes color,

Megan Fox!!
omg!!its so sexy!!but it's quite hard to get the exact color!is it blue?grey? i don't know..

may be i should get twilight lens!!heeeeee ^_^

& i don't want to talk anything about weight issue!!Fucks!sucks!it never works!!I'm not as strong as Tara Costa!


make up??I always did smokey eyes n nude! but here in m'sia its difficult to get nude color!
Mac always have,but it's expensive!this is good one!! gaga style!yeah!


my fav color yes! nude pink!♥♥

my fav tutor??makeupbytiffanyd,,check out her blog as well yeah!!

ok,ok,ok,,more to come from suhilary..gta get back to work!!

sue xoxoxo

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