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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

e-day final checklist 2 days to go!

Hey gurls,,
2 days to go!
Here are the final list:
(all the red font are the updates)

official e-day
Venue = at mama's hometown, Kuala Kangsar
Date = 30th Apr 2011, Saturday
Time = After Zuhur
Total guest = Haven't decide , 300 pax; from his family 15 cars is confirmed!
Save the date for Wedding = haven't discuss we just put it as 1 year CONTRACT!HAHA
Hantaran n mas kawin = hantaran decided and both side agreed, mas kawin still under discussion Mama told them already, HubBee.2 bee still Q about it..haih..

white gold diamond ring = HubBee.2.be bought already!

Preparing myself
E-dress = mama's bought me saree , sent to tailor ( bju kurong moden), done! and alter it to fit my body!
Make up = adeq will be my MUA, trial make up I'll make up myself!go for natural makeup!!
Lens = Need to buy grey lens tonite!
Fake eye lashes = find it at home & try, mama already bought a dozen of it found it!need to buy the glue!
Hair = decide to do princess style hair d0, trial hair do with adeq, need to see Jack do hair treatment!couldn't make it!just do sanggul n put up hairband and selendang!
Hair Band = DIY lace + ribbon hair bandx jadi as I will put up sanggul tinggi and bling2 hairband!
Veil = still under considerationBought lace kat Jackel,since it' so lovely,i'm gna make a baju..and will wear selendang as veil.!

mini dais
Theme = blush pink + off white + turqoise
Back drop = off white, mama's bought off white curtain, DIY curtain!done!
Flower = need to buy off white + blush pink artificial flowers cancel!
Ranting kayu = got it at home
Seat = foldable matress, DIY cover- off white with lace
Carpet = off white, got already at my sis hse
Crystal = transparent + soft pink for background will use crytal from kakak's chandelliar!
Small pillow = use what I have in collection, might buy new oneuse what I have!
Hand bouquets = Still under consideration, off white + blush pink cancel!

Hantaran for HubBee.2.be
Theme = Off White + turquoise
Amount = He'll gv me 7 , so I gv 9
Wood Basket = off white, buy 9!cinderella carriage and it's gna be 13!
Ribbon & net fabrics = need to buy 2 meters? to wrap out the basketsmore than wtv i thot of!
Things inside Hantaran = Both side agreed to gv food only , as for wedding will gv fancy stuff!
1. Sirih junjung = petik kat kampong mama
2. Forrero rocher = hv to buy 30 pcs, enough??should be!bought 60 pcs! HubBee.2 be suwuh!
3. Cake = decide to order foundant cake from mama's friends, print the design alreadyPick up tml!
4. Candy = need to buy it a lot!Done!
5. Other chocolate = toblerone??dark choc??yummy! *for me eh??*may be will decide laterDone!
6. Fruits = like grapes and .......dunno yet, kiv Nope!
7.Shirts = may be Bought pink shirt for him to wear on eday! and bought baju nikah as hantaran!
8. Buku Agama = Is he goin to read it?? kivNope!
9. kuih
11. kuih
Tent = rm100, mama will book it booked 2 tent rm300!
Menu = Will be discuss with mama lauk kampong!
Catering = definitely no, org kampong aje lah
Door gift = Don't need it, mama n mak.2. be don't agree terbeli!!haha..very nice!!love it!yay!

USe up all mac n apr salary!GILA!
Is there anything that I've missed??hopefully not!..guys wish me luck..hahaha..tml goin bak and will do last preparation on Friday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

majlis menyambut menantu -before tunang??

hey gurls..mish blogging so much!!5 days to go!!
arggh..btw..does the title sound weird rite??
it's majlis menyambut menantu sempena tunang,,it's like memperkenalkan I to his family..
owhh i can't sleep ok tat nite..tiba2 feel like majlis e-day ku dipercepatkan!..
too many things to think about..which is:
1.what baju shud I wear? x nak cantik sgt and x nak burok sgt..
2.make up?x nak x pakai lagsung huduh plak nanti,,klu over,,nanti same plak make up mase tunang?
3.baju baru siap kat dlm kete azam,,dia tgal kete kat umah ank sedara dia,,dia g china..
last2,,pakai baju raya!!haha..

I plak kje tat saturday,,so,i da make up siap2,,paki bju kurung,,then afta work stret go to HubBee.2 hse..
masyaallah ramai gler org..mcm nak kawen dah ak rase!

I pakai baju kurng pahang,hitam putih,byk manek2..
pakai selendang jarang,
pakai kasut espadrilles..
i x suka make up natural,tp jd plak tat day..haha
ok la not bad..

sampai2 trus g kat mak.2be..
she introduced me to all her friends and family..
ada plak yg ucap.."tahniah,,selamat pengantin baru!"
huh??i plak blur gler..hahaha..
apa da..

my HubBee.2.be??
wah..bz gler..hahaha,,siap amek cuti tat friday hokeh..
klakar la..it's a great experience..cuma rase pelik..koz everybody like over excited we all nak bertunang..
padahal,,we're just getting engage je..blum kawen lagi..
maybe,,it's a first wedding on his side ..
mine pon first gak,,tp x da la excited sgt..hehehe..

sedih koz i x pat nak bergambar with him..we wore same color black n white okies..
this is the only pikca that I hv,,on my way to his hse..but without selendang koz dalm kete..hehe..panas..
x pakai lip gloss lagi..hik2..tp color lebih krg je..i mmg ske nude color!

last but not least..please doakan everything is fine for my real e-day! 
anybody who read this post..
Just PM me for the address and all that ok..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Put family first..forget them not!

Hye girls,,just quick update from me..
I tell u,,,chasing happiness is not that easy,,seriously,,
I was the type tat "didn't believe in happily ever after in marriage"
seriously i am...
but, all tat has changed after I'm seeing my dear HubBee.2.be..
and guess wat? not forgetting my lovely mama and papa..
I'm freakingly stress this week..
I wanna gv my best on my e-day preparation..
I wanna do it perfectly how I picture it..
seriously...since I can feel tat for my real wedding will be organized by my Mak.2.be..
so this is the only chance for me to do it like how'd I picture of my dream wedding..
So, as far as u know,things happen not according to wat u've plan..
honestly,,my prepration cost is over my budget already!
my huge challenge is on his family guest..around 100 pax..
As for total guest maybe 300++...
And the menu..not the usual menu..
mama promised to do spesel kampung menu...
like ikan keli sambal,ikan patin tempoyak,ikan talapia and all that..
and not forgetting durian for everybody..
which mean,,extra budget for kinda menu rite..
if u eat this kind of menu at the restaurant..i'm sure it's gonna be 100+! 
yup..And I agree with that menu also,koz i want it to be memorable,,since we do it in mama's hometown..
It's far away ok! kuala kangsar,perak,,
so i wanna appreciate all my guest..
And my budget..HAHAHAHAHA...
So yesterday night I was cried again on my bed...
My parents are divorced...
Nobody is going to help me..
I was helpless..
have to do it all on my own...

And a miracles happen this morning..
Papa text me and he says that he'll bank in for Kenduri Budget..
and my tears are falling again...
and this morning,,mama saids,,she'll top up on wat's papa gave..
and here i am again..crying...

Thanks mama papa,,
thanks for everything..
Love u guys..

doing all the preparation..
actually gives a lotsa moral value..
feel closer to my family..
we all sleep late,,to do all the hantaran..
as best as we could..
I dunno..
eventho my family is not tat perfect 1 happy family..
indeed,we have each other...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey girls..
I am so UNsleepable!!haha..
It's nearer! I'm so nervous!
Guess what?My dreams hantaran come true!
I'd always wanted hantaran full of rose flowers and crystal surrounding it..and I want it to be so soft and sweet..and after fight here and there,,explaining to everybody how i want it, Finally yesterday we made it!
Yay!!I'll share with u guys how we DIY it!
hope that i can publish the picture,,but need  to save it for that spesel day to come..okies??
And ya,the door gift also cute and sweet,,Love it sooo much!!
And the best thing is my baju nikah..
not grey,not white,,but..heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

bz, hactic, 3 weeks 3 days to go!!

OMG gurls,,I know I've been busy lately,,
can't catch up with all blogger friends..
mish u guys so much..
promise will update everything once everything is settle down!!
and ya,,to update, this weekend goin to buy baju nikah to put in my e-hantaran!
and guess what..not blush pink or off white...
sooo sad.....
Have to choose grey………….T_T
Sue, nak beli baju nikah warna ape?
mmmm..sue ske warna (nak ckp putih,tp tatot kne reject trus..so belek magazine pengantin, tnjk warna blush pink)..
sue ske warne camnie…slow2 je..
aunty ske warne grey lah sue..cantik…aunty mmg berkenan, mcm induk pon nikah warne grey,,mcm mawi n ekin pun grey..
hmm,,ok,,aunty dr aritu asek sbut grey jer…
Adik mak.2.be: alah sue itot je la,pilihan mak mentua..dah teringin sgt tuh..
Ok lah,,ok lah,,grey..
Ok,,nanti mgu depan kite g beli okay…

Hmm..my mom also saids the same thing..mom said don’t mentioned anything on WHITE! People won’t like it!..
Hmm,,then??try your best make mak2be happy!ok!
Ya rite,,I will..only for solemnization ok..not for my big,,definitely no!!!NO!!!
I want off white, or champagne!

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