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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

bz, hactic, 3 weeks 3 days to go!!

OMG gurls,,I know I've been busy lately,,
can't catch up with all blogger friends..
mish u guys so much..
promise will update everything once everything is settle down!!
and ya,,to update, this weekend goin to buy baju nikah to put in my e-hantaran!
and guess what..not blush pink or off white...
sooo sad.....
Have to choose grey………….T_T
Sue, nak beli baju nikah warna ape?
mmmm..sue ske warna (nak ckp putih,tp tatot kne reject trus..so belek magazine pengantin, tnjk warna blush pink)..
sue ske warne camnie…slow2 je..
aunty ske warne grey lah sue..cantik…aunty mmg berkenan, mcm induk pon nikah warne grey,,mcm mawi n ekin pun grey..
hmm,,ok,,aunty dr aritu asek sbut grey jer…
Adik mak.2.be: alah sue itot je la,pilihan mak mentua..dah teringin sgt tuh..
Ok lah,,ok lah,,grey..
Ok,,nanti mgu depan kite g beli okay…

Hmm..my mom also saids the same thing..mom said don’t mentioned anything on WHITE! People won’t like it!..
Hmm,,then??try your best make mak2be happy!ok!
Ya rite,,I will..only for solemnization ok..not for my big,,definitely no!!!NO!!!
I want off white, or champagne!

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