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Friday, April 15, 2011

Put family first..forget them not!

Hye girls,,just quick update from me..
I tell u,,,chasing happiness is not that easy,,seriously,,
I was the type tat "didn't believe in happily ever after in marriage"
seriously i am...
but, all tat has changed after I'm seeing my dear HubBee.2.be..
and guess wat? not forgetting my lovely mama and papa..
I'm freakingly stress this week..
I wanna gv my best on my e-day preparation..
I wanna do it perfectly how I picture it..
seriously...since I can feel tat for my real wedding will be organized by my Mak.2.be..
so this is the only chance for me to do it like how'd I picture of my dream wedding..
So, as far as u know,things happen not according to wat u've plan..
honestly,,my prepration cost is over my budget already!
my huge challenge is on his family guest..around 100 pax..
As for total guest maybe 300++...
And the menu..not the usual menu..
mama promised to do spesel kampung menu...
like ikan keli sambal,ikan patin tempoyak,ikan talapia and all that..
and not forgetting durian for everybody..
which mean,,extra budget for kinda menu rite..
if u eat this kind of menu at the restaurant..i'm sure it's gonna be 100+! 
yup..And I agree with that menu also,koz i want it to be memorable,,since we do it in mama's hometown..
It's far away ok! kuala kangsar,perak,,
so i wanna appreciate all my guest..
And my budget..HAHAHAHAHA...
So yesterday night I was cried again on my bed...
My parents are divorced...
Nobody is going to help me..
I was helpless..
have to do it all on my own...

And a miracles happen this morning..
Papa text me and he says that he'll bank in for Kenduri Budget..
and my tears are falling again...
and this morning,,mama saids,,she'll top up on wat's papa gave..
and here i am again..crying...

Thanks mama papa,,
thanks for everything..
Love u guys..

doing all the preparation..
actually gives a lotsa moral value..
feel closer to my family..
we all sleep late,,to do all the hantaran..
as best as we could..
I dunno..
eventho my family is not tat perfect 1 happy family..
indeed,we have each other...


malynd_anggun said...

u, tuh rezeki pengantin to be name nye..ehehe..i know wat u've been tru nih..i rase, almost b2b rase kot?
no worries k dear..hope everything will be ok!! gud luck!! nnti upload pic e-day manyak2 tau!! :)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

thnks darling..i can feel the heat now...

I mmg x saba nak upload my hantaran baju and all that..

hihi hv to wait la..

aNis LeMoN aBu said...

su, betul cakap malynd. rezeki pengantin tu ada. masa kite xsangka2 tu la yang kita dapat =)

as for parents, memang cane2 pun, dorang nak yang terbaik utk kite. kadang2 kite lupa kite ada dorang. rajin2 la bincang dengan dorang kalau ada apa2 ok. kalau dorang tau ur plan, maka senang la u nak discuss apa2 nanti =)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

sometimes mmg kita lpe about parents..not to forget tp nak try our best buat dgn usaha sndr kan??
cane pon,,kita mst perlukan dorg..
thanks for ingatkan sue..manusia mudah lupa..heheheheh

choclairissa @ intan said...

alhamdulillah :)

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