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Saturday, August 27, 2011

pretty on it's own way~

morning ols~
wow,i've just woke up and look at my blog..it's empty doh..
what do u think of BEAUTIFUL?
Am I pretty?
are u pretty?
is she pretty?
Is Hilary duff pretty?yup gorgeous!
Is Rozita Che Wan pretty?Damn Hot!

Sometimes when I felt beautiful,,i felt confident...
when I'm putting up make up,, i felt pretty   and confident..
when I'm naked, I felt like god I'm the ugly beast,,like a maid walking in the bazaar!..
eeeuuww..at least cinderella stiil look charming with ugly clothes!

I still remember I'd always have this dream of...
"When I'm working,,I wanna have a job that can cover my "beauty expenses""
Such as..my make up,,my beauty cream, can go to see Dermatologist and  have a Vitamin C injection! to get rid off all of my acne scars!! that is the most important..
But then,,life is not as beautiful as u imagine....
I'm now focusing to get married..so forget all that!
I don't wanna wear 80's clown gown on my big day..
no no no...BIG NO..

But now I'm still thinking what is beauty about..
Always ask my Hubby.2be,,
"Am I pretty?"
and he saids.."pretty!u are fair like soy's bean!"
"what about my skin?"
"aaa that?ur skin felt like.."(I start to pinch him already!hahaha)

Ok2,,enough ok,,starting from today once a week let's do facial!
yup i promise myself!
My lil' sis had a business on spa,, and i just mislook at it?
come on suhailla!don't be a cheapskate! 
20 bucks only!

and guys,,don't u think it's cool to be pretty as barbie doll?
u can wear anything but still look pretty?
what do u think????????????

Happy weekends....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Panggilan "ABANG", wajib ke?

Hello ladies,,
Tonite topic.. Pnggilan Abg..korg pgil BF?HUbby korg abg ke??
nowadays i raser jarang sekali dgr panggilan tu kan?

I think lelaki-lelaki tulen melayu kat luar sana tentu mengidamkan bini tersayang panggil Abang walaupun mayb same umor or bini lagi tua kan??

Klu nak teringat balik,,mase mula2 I kapel with my hubby.2.be,,
eventho he's livin in LA,, he ask me to call him ABG..
OMG, I swear to god..I punyer pitching mmg lari,,mmg x ikhlas langsung..like i didn't mean it at all..
terbelit pusing2 lidah i, and i raser dekat 5 minit mcm tu i gelak klu my hubby2be ckp abg-abg-ayg nie..
btul,,at certain stage tat time,,which i'm so girlie,time tgh nak grow up,,mmg x le trime,,to me mende ni sounds like so kampung..i slalu ckp i shud kol my husband I - U mcm tu..haha..tah pa pe tah...
and peliknyer..mmg abg i, kkk i, adek i smue pon mcm tuh,,mmg kne bahan habes la klu terdengar abg-abg-syg nie..ish ish..

I ske pgil cinta syg i tu SYG,,sbb i raser itu panggilan dr hati i..
tp 1 thing about me,,i oversensitive..maklumlah..1st love (& it's gna be Last!ameen!)
mula2 dulu,,kitowg agree la nak pgil Syg-ayg kot klu i x silap,,,,
then pada satu pagi,, he woke me up,,n kol me SUE,,
u tau i nanges bengkak2 mata! thot that he didnt love me anymore..
so start from that moment we all x tetapkan dah nak panggil ape..
all come from our heart,,nak pgil love ke,,pumpkins ke,,syg ke,,cookies ke,,honeydew ke..bubu ke..baybee ke...
except ABG..mmg lidah I kelu...

as time goes on...Allah bukakkan hati I kot,,
lepas tunang,,I x tau nape,,tp lembut je lidah i nak pgil Abg...
Abg tau..btul,,n perasaan i lain sgt..
I rase mcm I respect him as he's goin to take care of me forever,,
as I'm belong to him,,tah la,,btul,,I ske pgil cinta saye tu Abg..
x raser kampong pon..btul..raser mcm besh sgt mcm da kawen je klu kat public kan??
koz da pakai cincin batu,pakai emas,inai pon x ilang lagi dr tunang aritu..
hehe,,so mmg best la..
Sbb saya makin sayang abang!

abgku syg....

those time when i can't call u abg....
Many peeps ask me wht does 'A' ,means..n i said..angle!jht kan?
Actually it means Afiq..yup..that d first gift he gave me on our 1st date..
he order n specially design it for me from LA tau..hehe 

PS: I slalu blur,klu kwn2 keje or u ckp - eh abg u kje ape? or x g kuar ngan abg ke?
n i dgn slamber thot why they were askin on my real brother..but then oohh abg syg itu ker...huhuhuhu

dah jum tdo!mimpi cinderalla story!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mini Dais for my engagement day..

Hey babes...
I know my bad that i didn't share anything on my e-day..as everybody is sharing their memorable days together all in B2b blog..Honestly, by reading all of the B2b blog out there,,,It helps me alot...seriously..
Like how to be more serious on getting married,,,and it's not tat easy as u prepare ur birthday partay..
thanks to all b2b..love ur blog,,and please keep share all those shweet unforgettable experience,,,

Suddenly I thot,,
I'd rather buy expensive branded bag tat last for 5 years than buying cheap bag(300 time cheaper maybe) tat can last for 1 month?!
I'm paying for good stuff and good quality...
Is this applicable to wedding as well??

I dunno..I just don't want to waste any penny at all..seriously..

As for my engagement, I only started to really seriously plan it like a month before..
and for my mini dais??like one nite before!!!!yes!please believe it!
thanx to my lil' sis,,i think is really pretty n shweett..thank darlin!

Before my engagement my mak.2.be did ask me wheather there will be any pelamin or not..since she said she kinda shy as she and i will the highlight for that day..hehe..
Then I said: misti la der,,t x best la x le tgkp gamba,,simple2 je..hik hik"
i dont want to spend a lot on my dais..so I've used wtv we have at home and bring back to kampong..
my lil' sis make it..climb the ladder to nailed the curtain right on the highest part of the ceiling, so it won't look ugly if u can see the brown-wood-wall..so not into my color!hihi...

I've choose rite in the middle of the hse as u walk into the hse u can see the nice lay out pelamin..
hehe..it's like two storey high...
and the sunlisght is focus on my dais,,so that "berseri2"!..
however there is some pic kinda dark as so many people takin my pix during the "sarungkan cincin" part..

my lil' sis love to do the scallop..as she just learned how to do it..and took the extra "paper rose flower" mama made it for my hantaran...and i think it's so sexy and brilliant to put it in between the scallop..nice rite..

As for the mini stage we use like bed pad..and cover with small folded single mattress and again covered with extra lining from my engagement dress!haha..then my sis nailed it on the bed pad..

and rite after they called my officially fiance to come in..he's salam all my uncle's and dad and straight come to me and SIT NEXT TO ME!!..

can u believe it!he's so nervous and he forget this is not solemnization but an engagement!
and he whispered to me "syg,knape kecik sgt pelamin nie?"
Wat? I thot u said no need pelamin at all??

Hahaha,,but's turn out to be ok..and everybody laugh and it's kinda break the ice rite??
all people say.." haa,jgn dekat2,,kene ctet trus nikah!"

That's my lil' story on my mini dais...maybe when i have time I'll share on other things...
Like my friend said.."seje cter pasal tunang,,nak amek mood kawen"...
maybe pasni i pukul my own ontot so tat jgn mls2 nak prepare wedding!..g JOGGING!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


hey ladies.......

Saje je suka suki nak letak this pix..
So in love...
Look alike??on the cheek part maybe..please don't close up as u can see I'm sweating rite on my forehead!
nite! =)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

hye hottie babes!!..
110811 is my 24th bday!!!yups...
I'm old enof to get married  aite??
is there anybody out there been married yesterday??
I've juz realize,,it's 110811,,wat a hot number rite?
it could only happen in 100 years??wow!!hopefully 24th is a great year for me...
As Mohamad Afiq's Fiance....
Actually I've notice the date (110811) when Im takin my fiance to clinic..he's got into motobike accident..
told him I hate motobike..it's too risky..and I couldn't imagine if... (STOP IT!!)
Alhamdulillah,,he's OK,,juz some body ache...

OK let's just forget about it,,yet Im still happy as I fall in love with him again!!..
I swear to god my fiance he's not dat romantic lovey dovey kind a guy..
But he's really sweet..n wtv he done for me,it's from his heart,,an he meant it...

So,,as for me,,I'm livin in fairy tale love,,always hope for romantic dinner,roses,he open the door for me..all sort of faries stories...hmmm..
Not to put hope so much,, I just act normal tat day...
after we went to clinic, he saids he needs to see his fren urgently...

Hubbe.2.Be: Syg, I need to see my friend urgently..
Me: Why?is it sumtin to do wit ur work..
Hubee.2be.: yeah,,sumtin like tat..
Me:just tell me about it..
Hubby to be.: i'll tell u afta I met my friend..
Me:let me c ur phone
Hubby.2be: No syg!! please respect me!
Me:wat are trying to hide from me?can't u just spit it out!tell me! Is this more important than me??what more important than me??
Hubby.2me: Im begging please,after I see my friend, I promise will tell u everything,,please just be patient..
Me: ok, but u hv to park car rite in front of ur friend..
Hubby: No sorry can't do that..
Me:Is it a girl?????
Hubby.2 be: it's a guy! I swear...

Then I put trust on him..I just wait in the car..deep inside my heart,, I thot hope sneaking him,,but it's seems like I doubt him.No!I'm not gna do that coz I trust Him!..
After like 20 minutes..felt falling sleep already..somebody knocking on my door,,
Then he said..
"happy birthday honey!"
lookin at the roses he gave me!!
there are six of them..symbol of our love,,6 years 2gether!
n there I go agains..tears runnin over my mascara...

So sweet of u syg!seriously I would never expect of this!!tq so much...
then he took me to watch movie..and we went to chili's..
god damn perfect...Good food,,good service,,and perfect views!in front of lake with the sunset view..
I swear to god..I always dream of this moment in my fairy tale diaries!!
Always wanna c sunset with my Love!
I've got it on my 24th birthday as his Fiance!

Thanks for being everything to me,,
happy n sorrow..
Nobody in this world can take ur place,,
as u r the only one in my heart..
I will always love u 4ever n ever..

please click to read his shweeet bday wishes!!....heeeeeee..

sygku buchuk.guess what, it's ur bday honey, and i hope i can make your dreams come true, but part of me say i already do, thats dream u been dream on has come true bcoz it already filled with love and happiness that we go true started the first time we met,i'll never forget our sweet and bad memorized, syg ur love and care, has built my world without you,i'm not me, so wish u a very happy birthday n our love will keep stronger until the end and forever honey...:=)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why should I get married?

Hye peeps,,
here I am again in the middle of the nite talking to the wall.........
why do i say tat?????..to me this blog is like "the wall"..because wen ur heart hv a lot things to say,,and nobody could bare to really listen wht ur heartsay..So tat's y I've use to say,,I'd rather talk to the wall than talkin to peeps....which they can hear u but they never listen................

..Why am I talking like crap..like no excitement at all tat I'm gettin married...
Halo??Suhailla,,whats wrong with u???
well,,,hummm I dunno...too many things in my mind now,,,
I wish tat I could have everytin but,,i could only get either one...

So, why i wanna get married n live my life with one man??like forever??
I've used to think,,,when i felled in love..i wanna get married..n the rule is simple;
As simple as that...as if...
I wanna be a successful Scientist,,getting title Dr...up to me..
So do u..u can be a successful in ur career,,open bussiness u want,,go where ever u wanna go...
What i meant is that,, when I'm gettin married..i just wanna live with u,,and i still can chase my dream and so do you...So, this is what happiness mean to me...

Let's get married,,chasing our dream together,,be there for each other,,and always support each other...
and makin babies together (???????), and TAKING CARE BABIES ToGETHER....
Work for livin together,,DO HOUSE CHORES TOGETHER..
n..livin OLD TOGETHER...

This is perfect!..
That is why i wanna get married...not to runaway from my life..
I love my life as much as I hate them..but..it's me tho...
I wanna have a husband@soulmate@sleeping partner@BoyfrenForever who love me as much as i love him..
cooking for him,,making babies with him (?????)...taking care babies together,,work hard to live happy together...at the same time both of us successful in our career...tats all i want..
not $$$$.. I need $$$ to live not live for $$$$$.....

At certain point i feel like my life is perfect...
because of him...seriously..he complete me..totally...
he can understand me..all about me..the way I think and all that..
the thing is..our culture..our peeps..just can't accept that..
women has the same right as men does...
women can't get high edu, high paying job, Hell No!!

I've seen a lot of this..from peeps around me..
the wife..they sacrifice everything..taking care husband..children,,house,,work for living..and evrything until they've gone to bed..and wake up early in the morning..and another bz day..this will never stop..
I've seen My MOM(especially),,my colleagues..and I've learnt from them..that male species will never say thank and appreciate female species..why???why??and why???

rite guys..think about it..life is so mean to female...
hmmm..rite then..gtg to bed...so long..bye.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

life is not that beautiful.......

Hey all,

One said that,

"Kite rises highest against the wind, not with it"

Does it bang your head when u read this?

dunno bout u guys, but this word of wisdom does bang my head. I've heard this like 2 months ago..from my current boss...and i still think of this thing over and over again..i dunno why but it maybe strike my heart, life and everything...

It means that wtv u dream of in this world is not that easy to achieve it..u have to go through all the obstacles..
basically means that the world is : THE PEOPLE!
yup,,we have to go through all of the people...believe me, who in this world were really sincerely happy for what you have achieve? Ur Folks? they should as they are the one who  rise us...
Our sibling? they might say in their heart " god I should have done better than her!why nobody ever proud what i've achieved, why her?"
Cousins and relative " ya rite, let see how far she can go..i bet i'll do much better than her!"
Friends "Im happy for you dear," whereas deep inside he said " damn, why she always got everything!I should be on her place, not her!"

Im sure 1000s peop out there DON'T agree with me as 1000s people out there agree with me..
maybe u don't agree with me cause I talk like crap, and you are positive enough to think all the people around you will pray for your happiness....

I dunno guys but Im damn sick and tired of all these!
seriously,, all my life people keep misjudge me! all the way till now...
Me,,in my own words...

First impression: I look dumb..(If in WEST side -peop may called me Dumb Blonde)
But people never expect that I'm good in scoring my exam...
I've heard lot of these...

My face features,,
Look like Bossy,Hot-tempered,social,bla,bla,bla
ya rite..I should just say..
YES I AM...BUT.....I a moody kind of person..
once I' mad,,yes I'll show it,,I'll be crazy..
but tats it..im not keeping it in my heart..
I feel relieved once i release my anger..tats it---------

Im not a good Liar..even my face couldn't hide my feeling!!
Im sorry..who felt threaten  with my face!
so now u telling me im a hypocrite? tat is soo not me!
and I can't live in a lie...

Is it so hard to understand me and accept me??
I'm sorry but i'm not perfect
I can't be wtv u expected me to be
I just can't

I'm not forcing anybody to accept me,
If it's meant to be that I'll be alone for the rest of my life,
I accept it,
If nobody in the world can stand me.


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