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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

career,love and happiness,,I've chose ........

Hye gurls..today is my last day as Microbiologist in RT-Biofarm...
It's hard to left something that you crave for....
between career and happiness,,I can't take both..
Finally I chose happiness..
Money can't buy happiness....

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Everybody look to their left (yeah)
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Everybody look to their left (yeah)
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Wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag.

TAFN..TTYL...bubhye Kuantan..I'm starting a new life..ohh so soon..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm leaving...

Hey gurls...
today I'm a bit touch,,and emo...
I'll be leaving Kuantan for goods..
yes,,I really mean it,,
it's not because of anybody..
I've made this decission and I really have to do it,,
It's not because of Love,family,,
don't get me wrong as what I've mentioned in prev. post
My Love,, family,,they will always support me..
What will be the best for me..

thanks to everybody in Kuantan..
to RT-Biofarm's,,
En.Wan,Ida, K.Azni,K.Tini,En.Lan, Shah,,and all the interns Sanah,Nana,Din..
I've learnt a lot by working as microbiologist in here..
TQVM for all the sincerity,,I love u guys very much,,,
As for my hsemate, azam n rose,,
I'd like to thank u guys for everything..
seriuosly,,love u guys so much and I appreciate every single thing u gurls do for me,,
Same goes to abu..I'm gna mish gurls a lot!!
Promise I'll come to your wedding and please come to mines as well!
And sincerely from my heart I would like to send my apology to anything that I do,,that mite hurt u guys...

Because of livin life in Kuantan I had so much time for myself..this is how suhilary's blog is born..
And I fall in love with blog...
love all blog friends,,sharing and thoughts..
If I'm getting busy when I'm back in KL,,
I'm really sorry...
I think I'm gna miss this blog so much...
it's like my sweetheart diary already...

where do I go next??
stay tuned......

L.o.v.e = S.a.c.r.i.f.i.c.e.s

I leave L.A for goods, just for you sayang..why can't u do the same?

The Transformation

Hye gurls,,Today so in the mood of telling the story of my practical students..intern..
yup,,I'm a microbiologist and she doesn't have any ideas what am I doing..
She's majoring in mechanical engineering (Agriculture)!
haha...no connection at all rite,,,
But, since my company major bussiness is Poulry farming,
technically we're the contract farmers with ayamas..
yup,,we supply chicken for KFC!
Have you ever wondering why does KFC is so delicious?
weird ok,,I've try eat it in my farm,,
means that we slaughterer the chicken cook ourself..
Honestly,,the taste is different!!it's sweet n juicy!
seriously I'm not lying..
and I know the secrets already,,
It's the probiotic supplement made by the microbiologist-it's me!!!hahahahaha
Our chicken is totally organic,,
means that despite our chicken feed and vaccine supplied by ayamas,,our chicken is given probiotic only!!
yes! it's not EM (Effective Microorganism),like usually people do in M'sia, they will only repackaging the EM by diluting the concentrated EM,hoping the probiotic will grow..so those EM that u're purchase is not genuine anymore..
do not blame the probiotic if ur farm doesn't deliver the result that u desire!
It's difficult to get the mother culture of the original EM,since it's from Japan..
So,,if u wanna try the original mother culture of probiotic kindly contact me..
all of sudden promote my product,,seriously,,if anybody happens to look for solution improving your chicken performance,,kindly contact us,,okies..
the cost RM0.10 per birds!
yup!that cheap and it could save a lot!!
save on chicken feed,increase FCR,
and ur farm free from the smell of chicken manure!
don't believe me??come to our farm..

Back to the story of my intern..
the connection..she's in agriculture,and she's a bit rough and brave opposite to my attitude..
this is how I changed her...


Friday, March 25, 2011

Make up class @ office!

Hey gurls,,like usual,,when I'm down,,always look for a model to paint their face!
huhu,,my model this time??my practical students!
yup2..they are Hasanah and nana..let's enjoy their pikca! =)

this is before my touch...

after i paint their face...

and this is the picture after we had lunch,,walk down the sun to Kuantan Parade

okay gurls,,gotta pack my bag to hometown,,yay!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

dapat gelang emas!

Hye gurls, I'm quite distractful this week and I don't have heart at all..
=( super sad,,yeah,,I left my heart at home...
It's nothing to update, but just to share I got Yellow gold bracelet!
Can you believe it that I'm wearing it??haha,,
Juz like I said before that I don't like Yellow gold at all! 
But then, since I was unexpectedly dpt half day and straight shoot back to KL!
And all of sudden,,I gotta accompany mama to gold jewellery's shop..
Thot's that my mom goin to buy her bracelet, then she said 
"Ella, u choose one for you, then choose one for Adeq,"
eh??But then I pick one! haha,,comel je,,not so huge,,tatot nak pakai besar2,,
kecik2 dulu pernah kne ragut,,
tau x my sis she chose rantai yg besar2,,
I kept saying to her,,
"Awak nak pakai ker besar2 mcm 2?,kalah mak datin!"
Then she says,,"lantak lah,lagi besar lagi mahal!"
huh,,lantak lah,,dah balik dr kedai emas tuh,, tau tatot nak pakai! suwuh mama simpan!
Ape la mimpi mama bagi gelang emas kan??
Haha,,mama kept saying 
"dulu mama beli byk rantai gelang kat kowg smua x nak pakai!
pilih sendiri,,mama tau msti pakai"
Haha,,mst la pakai,,emas mahal kan skrg!!
Actually,,mama got call from bank rakyat,,
after this bank x trima dah mas yg padu2 tuh byk tipu,,jd jual lah emas yg padu2 tuh,,amek emas yg nipis2,,
lepas nie mmg dah x laku dah,,
so, gurls,if ur mom ke nenek ke ada emas yg besar2 padu2 tuh pegi lah tukar,,
satu gelang mama dapat satu gelang for me & 1 necklace for adeq!
Ok gak pakai emas nie,,hehe,,rasa dah dewasa!
pkai cincin risik belah rotan n gelang emas,nmpk mcm bini org kan??kan??
besh2!eee x saba plak nak pakai cincin batu saya itu!!
inilah gelang yg biase2 itu aje,,x kesah lah tp mmg saya suka,,

Boleh pulak adek I wat lawak;
"Ella,jual la gelang nie amek gelang lain!"
"eh, ngok nie gelang ella bwu tempah la!"
"eee hang lagi bongok,ada plak amek gelang same je pattern gelang hang slalu pkai tuh!"*she meant gelang emas yg i slalu pkai time raya tuh*

hehe,,gelang nie tempah,,koz mama suwuh amek yg love yg licin so that dia x cpt burok,,
bile kene sabun tuh smua lah,,mcm tgal daki,,eeuuww
mcm cincin risik I,dah x berkilat,, byk sabun haha,,
tp dah anta cuci nanti nak tunang cincin risik dah x kilat2 plak,,hehe
Alrite girls,,TAFN

P/s: rase2nye klu balik mgu nie dpt rantai emas plak x?hehe

Monday, March 21, 2011

5 things

Thanks Nadya  for tagging me..It's been a while x tulis belog koz opis dah 4 hari x ader letrik!!
haha,,so,,we all x pat cuti, cek boss x bagi,,then berjalan ler keje nyer..hehe..except on friday after bowling trus dpt half day,,so hapa lagi cabut la ke kl kampongku..hihi
Hari nie sedey balik kuantan sudah,,HubBee.2.be hantar i sampai ke kuantan ok!
Dia ckp x sgup tgk bini naek bus sowg2..hehe..thanks baby,,that's makes me love u more!

ok back in the track..mari jwb 5 mende..

5 nama samaran
1. sue
4.mamy,wifey, bee, honeydew,syg, ayg, baybee, love , babylove,etc..(nama manjer hubBee.2.be call me)
5.Kak ngah (hoh gosh, new name given by future bro in law, x glamer hokeh! T_T)

5 tarikh penting
1. 18th apr 2005 (our annivesary!)
2.12th june 1987 (hubBee.2.be birthday!)
3.30th apr 1960 (mama's bday & our e-day as well!)
4. 11th august 1987 (suhilary's bday)
5. evrybody's tat I love bday= papa,kkk,adek,yoep,adib,dc,husna,ain, and everybody!

5 perkara yang saya buat semalam
1. dating ngn HubBee.2.be! (yay!selonok sgt2!)
2. g tailor nk tempah baju tunang, tutup! so sad...
3. g kedai emas tempah gelang chumey, gift from mama! love u!
4. g mkn meatball kat Ikea shedapnye!! then terjumper azam!
5. alik umah awal, test natural make up with adek! then tdo sesowang
(x kawen lagi nak wat camner?tgu hubBee.2.be jd official hubby!)

5 perkara yang buat saya happy
1. dpt bersama sygku HubBee.2.be, nak kawen! koz he's my sunshine!
2. can makes mama ku syg happy,thus makes me happy!
3.get 1 LV,pulish!
4.go to holiday with my family, and love..
5. nak porsche cyanne SUV! or BMW X6! or dpt make up baybee neo pon dah okay...hihihi

5 sebab jawap soklan
1. Bwu ada masa nak update belog
2.koz I ske di tag oleh nadya,
3.koz hubBee.2.be titon awal koz penat drive kl-kuantan-kl today
4.koz I was alone in my room
5.koz mata da terkebil2 nantuk td ptg nanes koz baby balik T_T

5 kawan utk di tag

Ok gurls..gta sleep,,goin to office tml,,hope da ada letrik!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

yes! I did it again!

Hye gurls, I'm so tired today and proud of me! 
Yay, I made it again....
I'd love to announce that I'm successfully made another product of RT-Biofarm Sdn. Bhd...
Last December I've made C-Biosupplement and C-Bioherbs..
And as for today I'm officially made Bio-Disinfectant and Bacillus concentrated..
I made it with my own hands.
Now, all my doubts whether "I can do this job" is all gone,,
I'm super duper clear and confident of myself..
If anybody who worked in R&D....It's very difficult to get result that u're desired..
Eventho you've done your best,,even every single thing is well taken care of..
If anybody in this field, they would understand my feeling...
How happy I am when my job is done!!

I've been train by lecturer from UNI Padjajaran..Ibu Ratu Safitri..
As u know in Uni,,Ur lecturer would not gv u everything,,
they will explain a thing or two,, then u have to figure out urself..
no more school feed...
And I've workin so hard to layout back all the formula..
The schedule plan,,
the SOP,,
I've made it super duper clear..
I even slept for two weeks in the lab,,as I'm scared if anything would happen to my Bacteria..
Is there anyone out there do this crazee kinda thing??
It's even affected my face,,since my skin so over sensitive..
That is how my acne is return!!

However I'm a bit worried on chicken performance..
the good news is, as for last cycle, Alhamdulillah,,
Chicken performance is great..

Now I'm relieved all my job is done..
I've done all my responsibility as Microbiologist....
What do i get??Work Satisfaction??
Yes I am,,,But it was only me...

I cry day and nite for all of this..
I don't understand why...

Where do I go next??
Let's leave it to god..

Still I just don't understand all of this....
Why is this happening to me?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ e-day checklist ♥

Hey gurls,,
Here is quick update on my e-day preparation, 
I've already added the list on the bottom of my page..
Just to make sure I didn't miss anything! 
Everytime I'm home, always forgot what to do, when I'm back In Kuantan, I was like,,"OMGosh I forgot to do this n that", just like how i forgot to sent my e-dress to tailor!! T_T
I'm sooo ms. LAst minute dowh! I am clumsy,,but don't wanna be that for my special E-day! ^_^ 
I'll do my best to update with the list onto my new HK organizers! yay!
Here are the list:

official e-day
Venue = at mama's hometown, Kuala Kangsar
Date = 30th Apr 2011, Saturday
Time = After Zuhur
Total guest = Haven't decide
Save the date for Wedding = haven't discuss
Hantaran n mas kawin = hantaran decided and both side agreed, mas kawin still under discussion

white gold diamond ring = HubBee.2.be bought already!

Preparing myself
E-dress = mama's bought me saree , sent to tailor ( bju kurong moden)
Make up = adeq will be my MUA, trial make up
Lens = Need to buy grey lens
Fake eye lashes = find it at home & try, mama already bought a dozen of it
Hair = decide to do princess style hair d0, trial hair do with adeq, need to see Jack do hair treatment!
Hair Band = DIY lace + ribbon hair band
Veil = still under consideration

mini dais
Theme = blush pink + off white
Back drop = off white, mama's bought off white curtain, DIY curtain!
Flower = need to buy off white + blush pink artificial flowers
Ranting kayu = got it at home
Seat = foldable matress, DIY cover- off white with lace
Carpet = off white, got already at my sis hse
Crystal = transparent + soft pink for background
Small pillow = use what I have in collection, might buy new one
Hand bouquets = Still under consideration, off white + blush pink

Hantaran for HubBee.2.be
Theme = Off White + turquoise
Amount = He'll gv me 7 , so I gv 9
Wood Basket = off white, buy 9!
Ribbon & net fabrics = need to buy 2 meters? to wrap out the baskets
Things inside Hantaran = Both side agreed to gv food only , as for wedding will gv fancy stuff!
1. Sirih junjung = petik kat kampong mama
2. Forrero rocher = hv to buy 30 pcs, enough??should be!
3. Cake = decide to order foundant cake from mama's friends, print the design already
4. Candy = need to buy it a lot!
5. Other chocolate = toblerone??dark choc??yummy! *for me eh??*may be will decide later
6. Fruits = like grapes and .......dunno yet, kiv
7.Shirts = may be
8. Buku Agama = Is he goin to read it?? kiv
9. kiv

Tent = rm100, mama will book it
Menu = Will be discuss with mama
Catering = definitely no, org kampong aje lah
Door gift = Don't need it, mama n mak.2. be don't agree

USe up all mac n apr salary!

Is there anything that I've missed??

Monday, March 14, 2011


Sue! Please back in the track! u're getting engaged in a month okay!!
Yes, I'm down lately, too many things to think about,it's not about my love life,it's all about work..
I dunno, But I'm too stress!..

Now I'm back in the track..After seing Ziana zain beautifully make up on mentor yesterday!!
Let's talk about make-up for e-day..
like I said, as for make up, I mite ask my lil' sis to be my MUA..
She's MUA wannabe,,
So, I'm giving her a chance to make up my face for e-day,,
the thing is I'm too fussy,"hey, dun do that!do like this,like that okay!"
Of course, she's fade up with me,,
it's normal rite?sisters!!

The thing is,,as everybody know, I love make up,,
I love make up as I'll learn and try every skills that I know..
I've used to wear make up almost everyday..
I can make up in 5 minutes!!
Some people says when u used to make up,,
on ur  big day,, your face will look dull (*tak berseri! sedey x?*)
No way, I do not believe such thing!
Why??look at all the celebrity,,they hot!! especially on their big day!!
am I rite??YES!!

So, I know my face very well, which part to cover,
which part need extra works,,and so on,,
as for 
my face = Big + Round + heart shape (need contour and shading!)
my skin = fair + acne scar + pale (need concealer, foundation and blusher)
My eyes = too Broad and need lotsa color!
Eyelashes = long and curl need to thicken it! fake eyelashes?definitely!
Lips = too thick (sexy!) need to hide it with nude color!
Eyebrow = thick, long and black!

As I love smokey eyes make up *since this make up is "eatable" to his eyes*
So I might choose nude make up style for my e-day...I wanna look different than I've used to..

with soft brown-skin color eyeshadow,,
grey lens
soft blush pink blusher
nude lipstick
and thick eyelashes!

Yes I need thick base to cover all the uneveness of my face...I've tried this kind of make-up before..
this is how i Look like..

i still remember, these are the only time i wore fake eyelashes,
then my HubBee.2.be ask me to take it off
"baby, u look fake!"
LOL..it's okay to gv a try, right?

It looks natural rite??just that the eyelashes will gv the dramatic effect..
as for me, my real eyelashes is naturally long and gurl,,but it wasn't black and thick enough,
So I need to bold it with bold eyelashes to gv the dramatic effect!
HD is always my inspiration...

As for hair do..what about this one??
*love it!*

Last but not least, I adore Linda Jasmine nude make up! totally love it!

TAFN,,bye bye


Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Kitty Organizer!! I'm ♥ it!!

Hye Gurls,,
I've just got home!
So damn tired,,Have to carry 23 bottle of 10L starter!Urgghh..
And I've done my job early in the morning, I can't go back since it's raining the whole day!!
okay,,no more sigh..

When I got home,,I'm super duper starving!! Didn't take lunch today!!
But then,,I've got Hello Kitty Organizer 2011/2012 from my hsemate!!
yay!! u make my day..tq dear..
seriously I heart it so much!!
It's Original Sanrio made from Korea..

and I can use it for long time since the organizer book is changable..
Hehe,,so after 2012 I can change it with new "refill"
Heeeeee...I want that kind of organizer for long time already,,
But it's too expensive like 100++..
Now,,I'm super duper happy..yay...
TQVM again...I heart u lah azam!

Pretty,cute and perfecto!yay! I loike!
Hehe..One more thing that makes me happy,,I have to make up her face for her friends solemnization..
Morroco style..You know how much I enjoy painting on peeps face!!
It's totally relieve my stress!!

P/s: Jgn Jeles! =p
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