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Friday, March 11, 2011

need to pass it all to my mom, got job to do,super sad

Hye gurls,
Not so in the good mood today,
It's raining like cat and dog out there, and I'm stuck in the lab,
too dangerous to drive in heavy rain..

I'm super excited to prepare for my own e-day,,all by myself,,
But then,, since big bosses come to my lab and gv me a task to do production on APR!
U know what it's supposed to means..It's my e-day!!
no way!! OMgosh,,,
and even this sunday,,Have to come over to lab,,
and I've already invite all of my colleagues to my e-day in KK,
Hope Everything is fine,,
and all my job is done well,as well as my preparation..

I've already explain everything to my mom,,
Only she's could help me,,
Love u mom..

I'm so not in the rite mood..
Let's pray hard!
Ya Allah Kuatkan semangat ku,
tunjukkan jln yg benar Ya Allah,
permudahkan urusanku,
berikan ku ketabahan menghadapi dugaan mu ini,
berikan ku kekuatan untuk mengaharungi orang yang memusuhiku,
sesungguhnya Ya Allah aku ini hamba mu yang lemah...

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