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Monday, March 14, 2011


Sue! Please back in the track! u're getting engaged in a month okay!!
Yes, I'm down lately, too many things to think about,it's not about my love life,it's all about work..
I dunno, But I'm too stress!..

Now I'm back in the track..After seing Ziana zain beautifully make up on mentor yesterday!!
Let's talk about make-up for e-day..
like I said, as for make up, I mite ask my lil' sis to be my MUA..
She's MUA wannabe,,
So, I'm giving her a chance to make up my face for e-day,,
the thing is I'm too fussy,"hey, dun do that!do like this,like that okay!"
Of course, she's fade up with me,,
it's normal rite?sisters!!

The thing is,,as everybody know, I love make up,,
I love make up as I'll learn and try every skills that I know..
I've used to wear make up almost everyday..
I can make up in 5 minutes!!
Some people says when u used to make up,,
on ur  big day,, your face will look dull (*tak berseri! sedey x?*)
No way, I do not believe such thing!
Why??look at all the celebrity,,they hot!! especially on their big day!!
am I rite??YES!!

So, I know my face very well, which part to cover,
which part need extra works,,and so on,,
as for 
my face = Big + Round + heart shape (need contour and shading!)
my skin = fair + acne scar + pale (need concealer, foundation and blusher)
My eyes = too Broad and need lotsa color!
Eyelashes = long and curl need to thicken it! fake eyelashes?definitely!
Lips = too thick (sexy!) need to hide it with nude color!
Eyebrow = thick, long and black!

As I love smokey eyes make up *since this make up is "eatable" to his eyes*
So I might choose nude make up style for my e-day...I wanna look different than I've used to..

with soft brown-skin color eyeshadow,,
grey lens
soft blush pink blusher
nude lipstick
and thick eyelashes!

Yes I need thick base to cover all the uneveness of my face...I've tried this kind of make-up before..
this is how i Look like..

i still remember, these are the only time i wore fake eyelashes,
then my HubBee.2.be ask me to take it off
"baby, u look fake!"
LOL..it's okay to gv a try, right?

It looks natural rite??just that the eyelashes will gv the dramatic effect..
as for me, my real eyelashes is naturally long and gurl,,but it wasn't black and thick enough,
So I need to bold it with bold eyelashes to gv the dramatic effect!
HD is always my inspiration...

As for hair do..what about this one??
*love it!*

Last but not least, I adore Linda Jasmine nude make up! totally love it!

TAFN,,bye bye


Nadya Zahid said...

Dear..u dah cantekkkkkkkkk!!!
so xpyh worry bout the make up...u just need to enhance ur features...huhuhuhu
tp i think, since lagi sbulan u nak engage ni..huhuhuh, skang ni try minimum make up je yang...i pon now gi keje..simple gile je make up!!
i'm so worried bout my make up on my wee-day...coz i ni gelap...so xtau how my make up gonna be..huhuhuhu :)
btw...make up ziana zain dlm mentor tu cantik...ala2 J-LO kan?

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

santek ke?chubby kowt huhu..tq!
u pon hot ok....like ur hair so thick!*jeles*
u try la make up like ziana dlm mentor tuh,,super duper hot mama,,okies,,her skin pon tanned but santek jer kan??siyesly i giler sker,,i think sbb she's apply everythin in 1 warm brown tones?btul x?hair color,make-up shades like eyebrow,lens,eyeshadow even baju aso brown,,tat's y look so hot!!tried to google her pictures for that nite,,mmg x jumper,,=(
i raser nak re-touched my hair that warm chesnut color..okie x?

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

okie pas nie g kje, xyah put eyeshadow bagai2,,let people forget how's my face bila make-up,,hihi

Nadya Zahid said...

heheheh...my hair ni so thick ok...and susah nak manage...hahahahah :)
kalau blow ok la..kalau lepas kan?hahahah...mcm hantu :)
tu la, i'm thinking of nak pakai soft colors je for my nikah n reception..
erm, mane de u chubby sgt...nanti wat shading...sure ok :)
ok gak kalau u nak retouched...i dulu color rambut..pastu malas nak touch up je..so i color kan BLACK!!!!
hahahahaah..senang :)
erm, i think better now u put lite-lite make up je u....biar nanti mase ur e-day, u meletopssssssss!!!!
huhuhuhu :)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

mane ade mcm antu,,sexy ok rambut tebal,hot!klu buat perm gitu,,aduih,,mmg cair la,,
o ya,,klu u blackened ur hair kan it'll gv fairer skin look,,my sis ckp i nak try gak,,kot2 jd can linda jasmin tu =p
harap2 meletop la,,i nak shweet n simple,,

Nadya Zahid said...

hehehe..yup, for e-day u kene make up very schweeeetttttttt gitu..huhuh :)
nampak gadis ayu cmtu kan?
black hair skang ni in tau...u putih, i rase cantik....
kalau mcm i dark skin ni...actually black hair boleh wat nampak lg gelap..tp i suke black hair coz nampak "fresh"...huhuhu :)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

Babe u ni mulot manis lah,,habis merah pipi I *padahal mmg merah bks jerawat!*
Mane I putih sgt,,u pon mane dark pun,,sweet tau ur face,gebu,cantik! =)

agreed lah shweet make up for e-day..not heavy - tat one save for wedding!

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