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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm leaving...

Hey gurls...
today I'm a bit touch,,and emo...
I'll be leaving Kuantan for goods..
yes,,I really mean it,,
it's not because of anybody..
I've made this decission and I really have to do it,,
It's not because of Love,family,,
don't get me wrong as what I've mentioned in prev. post
My Love,, family,,they will always support me..
What will be the best for me..

thanks to everybody in Kuantan..
to RT-Biofarm's,,
En.Wan,Ida, K.Azni,K.Tini,En.Lan, Shah,,and all the interns Sanah,Nana,Din..
I've learnt a lot by working as microbiologist in here..
TQVM for all the sincerity,,I love u guys very much,,,
As for my hsemate, azam n rose,,
I'd like to thank u guys for everything..
seriuosly,,love u guys so much and I appreciate every single thing u gurls do for me,,
Same goes to abu..I'm gna mish gurls a lot!!
Promise I'll come to your wedding and please come to mines as well!
And sincerely from my heart I would like to send my apology to anything that I do,,that mite hurt u guys...

Because of livin life in Kuantan I had so much time for myself..this is how suhilary's blog is born..
And I fall in love with blog...
love all blog friends,,sharing and thoughts..
If I'm getting busy when I'm back in KL,,
I'm really sorry...
I think I'm gna miss this blog so much...
it's like my sweetheart diary already...

where do I go next??
stay tuned......

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