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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ e-day checklist ♥

Hey gurls,,
Here is quick update on my e-day preparation, 
I've already added the list on the bottom of my page..
Just to make sure I didn't miss anything! 
Everytime I'm home, always forgot what to do, when I'm back In Kuantan, I was like,,"OMGosh I forgot to do this n that", just like how i forgot to sent my e-dress to tailor!! T_T
I'm sooo ms. LAst minute dowh! I am clumsy,,but don't wanna be that for my special E-day! ^_^ 
I'll do my best to update with the list onto my new HK organizers! yay!
Here are the list:

official e-day
Venue = at mama's hometown, Kuala Kangsar
Date = 30th Apr 2011, Saturday
Time = After Zuhur
Total guest = Haven't decide
Save the date for Wedding = haven't discuss
Hantaran n mas kawin = hantaran decided and both side agreed, mas kawin still under discussion

white gold diamond ring = HubBee.2.be bought already!

Preparing myself
E-dress = mama's bought me saree , sent to tailor ( bju kurong moden)
Make up = adeq will be my MUA, trial make up
Lens = Need to buy grey lens
Fake eye lashes = find it at home & try, mama already bought a dozen of it
Hair = decide to do princess style hair d0, trial hair do with adeq, need to see Jack do hair treatment!
Hair Band = DIY lace + ribbon hair band
Veil = still under consideration

mini dais
Theme = blush pink + off white
Back drop = off white, mama's bought off white curtain, DIY curtain!
Flower = need to buy off white + blush pink artificial flowers
Ranting kayu = got it at home
Seat = foldable matress, DIY cover- off white with lace
Carpet = off white, got already at my sis hse
Crystal = transparent + soft pink for background
Small pillow = use what I have in collection, might buy new one
Hand bouquets = Still under consideration, off white + blush pink

Hantaran for HubBee.2.be
Theme = Off White + turquoise
Amount = He'll gv me 7 , so I gv 9
Wood Basket = off white, buy 9!
Ribbon & net fabrics = need to buy 2 meters? to wrap out the baskets
Things inside Hantaran = Both side agreed to gv food only , as for wedding will gv fancy stuff!
1. Sirih junjung = petik kat kampong mama
2. Forrero rocher = hv to buy 30 pcs, enough??should be!
3. Cake = decide to order foundant cake from mama's friends, print the design already
4. Candy = need to buy it a lot!
5. Other chocolate = toblerone??dark choc??yummy! *for me eh??*may be will decide later
6. Fruits = like grapes and .......dunno yet, kiv
7.Shirts = may be
8. Buku Agama = Is he goin to read it?? kiv
9. kiv

Tent = rm100, mama will book it
Menu = Will be discuss with mama
Catering = definitely no, org kampong aje lah
Door gift = Don't need it, mama n mak.2. be don't agree

USe up all mac n apr salary!

Is there anything that I've missed??


Nadya Zahid said...

wow..byk gak u dah settle n i bet sure majlis u meriah...best!
anyway..hehehe..dpt gak white gold kan?heheehehe..sukaaa :)

Adawiyah A.Halim said...

waaah...dh bnyk settle..chaiyok2 =)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

nadya:thanx dear,,still lotsa thing uncheck,,try my best to check it in a month! =) yippie,,white gold ring!suke3..heee

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

adawiyah: thanks dear! I'll do my best! =)

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