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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

yes! I did it again!

Hye gurls, I'm so tired today and proud of me! 
Yay, I made it again....
I'd love to announce that I'm successfully made another product of RT-Biofarm Sdn. Bhd...
Last December I've made C-Biosupplement and C-Bioherbs..
And as for today I'm officially made Bio-Disinfectant and Bacillus concentrated..
I made it with my own hands.
Now, all my doubts whether "I can do this job" is all gone,,
I'm super duper clear and confident of myself..
If anybody who worked in R&D....It's very difficult to get result that u're desired..
Eventho you've done your best,,even every single thing is well taken care of..
If anybody in this field, they would understand my feeling...
How happy I am when my job is done!!

I've been train by lecturer from UNI Padjajaran..Ibu Ratu Safitri..
As u know in Uni,,Ur lecturer would not gv u everything,,
they will explain a thing or two,, then u have to figure out urself..
no more school feed...
And I've workin so hard to layout back all the formula..
The schedule plan,,
the SOP,,
I've made it super duper clear..
I even slept for two weeks in the lab,,as I'm scared if anything would happen to my Bacteria..
Is there anyone out there do this crazee kinda thing??
It's even affected my face,,since my skin so over sensitive..
That is how my acne is return!!

However I'm a bit worried on chicken performance..
the good news is, as for last cycle, Alhamdulillah,,
Chicken performance is great..

Now I'm relieved all my job is done..
I've done all my responsibility as Microbiologist....
What do i get??Work Satisfaction??
Yes I am,,,But it was only me...

I cry day and nite for all of this..
I don't understand why...

Where do I go next??
Let's leave it to god..

Still I just don't understand all of this....
Why is this happening to me?

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