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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short-form everybody should know!

Hey gurls,,
Today I love to share on shortform,,,
peoples used to this common shortform,,sumtimes u didn't even know what does it mean,,rite??
and even think that he's talking back behind u,,
1st time I've heard this from my friend..7 years back..

I thot she says I'm TOL*L!!!
bongoks x??i dah kecik hati time tuh..actually she means to say laugh out loud!

hokeh,,I rasa mst ramai gak owg kat luar sana x tau kan??
I sgt suka short form nieh,,sumpah! mmg best gne short form...
u can use it while talking,YM,MSN,text message, e-mail and etcetera, etcetera.hehe..ETC
last time I'm watching Paris Hilton my new bff..with all my hsemate,,
at the during elimination,,last word from her

Lor,,as far as I know TTYL=Talk to u later..
So, wen I googleD TTYN=Talk to u never!
jahats x??haha,,what la u paris..
but I still adore u since u r so pretty,,

as FYI,
This are the most commonly use Short forms,that I think everybody should know,,

1 more,
pfffttt = 1. n. The sound you make when someone does something stupid. 2. n. A substitute for a swear.

So afta this,,when people talking,,u can LOL!!bcause u know already!
Click here for more short form...

P/S; sorry for those not use with censored words..just FYI...


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