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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

♥ How to dress for an interview ♥

from jeffbullas
Should I wear shirt?is it white too plain?does black makes me look bad?
Or should I wear baju kurung?or may be kebaya so that I can flirt the interviewers with my sexy hot damn body?uurrgghhh..

It's depending on the position that u applied for..
if it's for private company and u're applying for Executive, officer and above, I suggest that u should wear shirts..
may be a lil' bit of stripes...some says u should wear something light, like white, soft pink etcetera,, etcetera,,
some says, u should wear black that makes u look corporate style..
Up to you, as long as you comfort and confident with it, it's just fine....

What about blazer?I think it's a good investment if u could buy blazer,,it may cost u like 100 bucks..
but it'll give u good impression, corporate style..it's look like u've got style and ready for real world of working!
sometimes, your interviewers may not wear blazer, just wearing simple casual wear..
to me it's ok,,maybe it's a test to see weather u can deal with it or not...
If you don't feel comfortable with blazer, should just forget about it okay..

Wear something that is not "bLIng Bling" Like ur going to partay! Nothing with ribbon,,flower,,
wear something that's plain,,not colourful,,I prefer black or maybe white..
u can wear open shoes, which I mean high heels, wedges, espadrilles,,,
but please make sure u wear something that is walk-able!!
U never expect that u may have to go here & there during the interviews..

This is how I look for interview with international company....
please ignore my face,,I'm screaming in silence to my bf.

What if you're applying for government kinda job??
best wear,,baju kurung!!
please avoid wearing shoking red,shocking pink,,anything that is shocking!
wear something pastel, that is "cool-en" ur eyes when u starring at urself!
avoid something too colorful,too flowery..minimize all that!
Baju kurung should be the best wear for government kinda job,,
NOT for private company,I've seen it,,I've been there before,
usually people will wear shirts, formal,,
If u'r the only one with baju kurung,,U'll look weirdo..
like u coming back from fiesta! ( kenduri)

make up?
don't forget to cover un-even-ness of or face with foundation, concealer, compact powder!
Cover those acne on ur face! u don't want people to starring at it while talking to you..
There is one time I didn't cover all that and the interviewers says:
"Does your face okay?are you stress or something"
*shocking; blank! + blushing*

something light,,but I always go with Smokey eyes! it's look best on me!!
contact lens?? hazel brown,,grey is fine..
not blue!not turquoise!

This is how I put my make up on the way to interview..
my lashes are for real!! I only use maybelline mascara!

Not use with make up??
While u at home,, jobless,,
try it!!
Don't be stingy to yourself!
This is ur future!
Buy some good clothes, shoes, and make up!!

Wanna look good and daring like Hilary??If ur daring enof yes,u can try..
This is from Beauty & The Briefcase...



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