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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

♥How to get a job? must do this!! ♥

What will be the most important tools of all??
What makes you outstanding from others and make people choose you?
please answer me..
let me spell for you..
R E S U M E S!!
C V - curricular vitae..

I'm so excited to share how to write CV..
I've been to Sime Darby Interviewing skills workshop, Interviewing class..lots more..

and out of all that one thing that really important..

Spend time to write your resumes!!!

Why wouldn't you?? Your resumes will be your first impression, am I rite??
Why would you copy from the net and within 15 minutes,,all done??
Not enough okay,,seriously,,put some details in it,,
what u really do,,what u really have,,
write some story of u,,eventho u r fresh grads!

As if for fresh grad,,,what u can do is something like 
What skills you have earned?
maybe u can elaborate ur final year project...
may be u can elaborate any curricular activities..
may be u can explain ur practical/ internship..

what about ur personal info?
u can try get template of your own resumes from jobstreet,,
please edit it back and add more info...
the format u can follow jobstreet..

Save it in PDF form!! So people will open it when u send CV through email!!
word file use to have worm or virus..
in fact,,different computer,,will alter your font and spacing,,it might look ugly on other computer!!
So, save it in PDF form!!

Color..my Resume bar color is soft pink!!!
hehe,,it's ok just the bar okies..Best color I say grey...

Paper,,use quality paper 80 gsm and above,,
Print color!!

Add pictures at the first page..
Don't have nice pix??Dress smart with shirt, blazer,,and go to studios and take picture!!
Print like 30++ since u will need that passport picture all the time! trust me!!
Always Bring this to interview!

Email...please creat new mail looks professional..
don't give babygirl@yahoo.com
use your name..
Surname.your name@gmail.com

PAGE...don't make ten page!!
usually 3 to 4 page is fine..

FONT..as research says font that is not iritate the eyes..
is arial font 12, calibri font 12..
Times new roman..please no..scared that they will threw away ur CV!


other than that please make sure u print like 30 copies!!
I print like 50 copy!!
I've sent out all my CV's everywhere..
Please bring at least 2 copies of your original resumes..might be the interviewers didn't have your CV!

File..please get plastic pocket file..
First page,,put the personal info,,( 1st page of ur resumes)
Then,,start from the lowest acedemic qualification to the highest..
in sequence....
Then put the curricular certificate..in sequence..
And photocopy all the certificates..like 10 each..and make set of it..once u go for interview, u will give 1 resumes,,and 1 set of certificate..
Don't do this... when he ask for ur certificate,, u'll ask to go for photocopy, it's shows that u r not prepared..
do not forget ur ID and Driving License also...

you need this!!don't ask for pen when you go for interview!!

Yes,,Not forgetting COVER LETTER..
It's a must!! Every position,,please change the position and name of company..
Cover letter is also you can put in your email job application..do not leave it blank email!!

I guess that's all I've got to share..
U are welcome to request for CV example and cover letter..
U can email me...

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