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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to get a job after study??

Hey I've just got an idea, all of sudden feel need to do a good deed..
I would love to share everything that I do, in order for me to get job, after studies....

Have u ever feel stress during Uni, when you ask your friend, 
"eh, where did you get that notes?can I photocopy?"
"Oh, I need to use it tonite, need to study"
"Huh?It's Ok"

"Eh, where did you plan to apply for your practical?"
"Oh, I dunno yet.Still looking"
and next thing you know, she's got a place to do her practical, and you're still looking..

I dunno bout u guys, but I believe everyone of us has come through, what I've been through..
This kind of people "STINGY of EVERYTHING they know..is everywhere...
They scared if we took their place, or maybe we will beat them, be better then them..
Hmmm,,I face that a lot, and thank god, I manage to finish my BSc,,and I have a job now,,which is job that is related to me..

But, there is still a lot of my friend out there, just finish their studies, and still looking for a job..
Okay, so today is a good day (Maulidurrasul ; Prophet Muhammad birthday) for me to share this,,my true experience..

Honestly, during school &Uni, I'm not active in curricular activities, I did join a few clubs, but just to get a membership,
and then two or three meeting, I'm gone..hihihi..
So, it's seems like I don't have any soft skills right?
But turn out, during my semester break, I have to look for part time job..
Thus It took all my courage to ask
 " Do u have any VACANCY here?????"
GOSH!!seriously, I was embarrassed ok, I just can't imagine myself looking for a job,,
But, that moment, seriously boost out my confident, encourage me, to be brave, out-spoken, and,,
How to do SHWEET LOOKING FACE so that u'll get the job,,hehe,,, ^_^

I used to set my mind, wherever I am, I must learn something, Whoever I met, I will learn something..
I always believe in that...
Eventho, your colleges is an old peeps who stuck to work as Sales Girl,,but there must be something you can learn about life..there must be something that she did, and u shouldn't do..and there must be something that you can follow her, if she did something good...like how she manage to save money eventho she got small paid..something like that...

And the best thing about part time job is I LEARN HOW TO SPEAK..
OK, yes, I've got A's for english in SPM, and I don't really use my english at all, even I'm quite good in english during school time,,and I always watch LIZZIE McGUIRE, coz I love Hilary Duff so much, I always imitate her,,the way she speaks,and memorize all the scripts! 
But technically, I didn't really speaks English in public..
But Since I work in .......................
Okay I reveal it..............
MPH BOOKSTORE..so what did you aspect??
All the staff speaks english, and the client??may be in a month only one client come to me and speaks Malay haha...
First, maybe cause they taught that I'm Chinese!! Soo NOOt! My Mum have INdian blood doh..haha
Starting from there, working as customer service assistant that thought me to
confident-ally speak English in public, without any hesitation that you speaks wrongly..give a try!

Part time job paid range maybe 700-900$ so cheap right? I can spend it like in two hours!
heeeesshhhhhhhhhhhhhh..my bad!
Then my brother,he influenced me to get a job in........................
Contact center......have you heard of it??is easy job that you talk on the phone and you've got high pay??
around 1800-2800$??OMG, I'm sooo into it...So, during my final year, I've got on 1 class in one sems..
class only 2hours on monday..I take my chance to look for all job that near to my hse,register for jobstreet, apply all Customer service job..in like 1 hour,,receive like two three call..and that time i was in karaoke room with my BF,,(use to go to Garden MId valley, Karoake RED BOX 10 $ only for 3 hours, with lunch buffet!!beratur panjang smua budak2 UM kat situ!!! haha)

first try VADS in TTDI...salary? 1800 for spm and 2500 for degree..
It's like 30 people went for the interview..Full house!we had like group interview, whereby, u sit in a class room, they call up your name and they ask you in front of everybody, just like when you're in school..
I tell you what, they ask you very simple question..and..so many of them are shaking and unable to answer a question!!I'm scared in the beginning, but after like hours and hours waiting for my turn, I'm neutral,,too stress,,can't think of anything, and I'm EMOTION-LESS..I even laugh when they shaking, and gave silly answer**I've been rude,since I was so stress in there!soory dude!"

These are the few question they ask for Customer service Executive for TMNET Streamyx...
"Tell me about your job experience"
"why did you quit your job and want to work as CSE?"
"How do you handle stress?"
"What was your education background?"
"What are you doing here even you have Degree in LAW?To work as CSE?"

These are some of technical question they ask...
"How do you change time in desktop?"
"Name three internet search engine"

and Bla bla bla bla..
Their answer like..
"ummmmmmmmmmmm....How to change time in dekstop?I need to look at PC then I know how to do it.."

Then we've given a booklet to answer all the question..
Grammar, Cemprehension..Math, and even BAHASA!fuhhh,,I've burn my brain I guess!!4 years I left school!!

and out of 30 people in there only 5 names didn't called up,,which means have to stay in the room, and got the job,,yay!!which mean only one sixths made it!!

I'm glad that I've made it..ALHAMDULILLAH..
But, I didn't straight take that job, ask them to hold my name cause have to think first..
*always think before you take it*
1)  think of cost to go to job,is it save and convenient?..
2) place to stay..
3) parking fees..
4) traffic..and all that.. does it worth it? or u just got paid and pay for all the cost?

I'm not trying to make people look silly, but learn from, guys, try your best to improve your english..
I am also Malay and my family speaks BAHASA,,
Try to love english like wtv way u like..
For me,,I hate to read, loves entertainment..so I love to watch english movie all the time, and listen to english radio all the time...
Be ashamed of yourself if u bring degree or master certificate, and u can't speak at all!!
It's mean like u hv a degree and u know how to read but u can't speak!!
think of this.....

Then, I go for second interview..
Company of AT***..as Corporate Sales Consultant..
interview with CEO! 
Big Gulp!
when I was left in the meeting room with other candidates..they start talking..
and one brag candidate like MR.know everything starts to break the ice..
"Hey u know,this company is very successful,,did this and that.."

And I--------what S T F U !!!  I didn't study at all!!I didn't even know what this company do?
I didn't even know that was the CEO who is about to interview us one to one!!
And worst come to worst when the CEO come in to explain what was this job about, What is this company do, I don't understand a word!!seriously,,I'm too nervous! my mind can't swallow any words that he's talk about!! *BLANK*

Then, the CEO ends his speech..
"So, thus anybody here not interested with this job please leave, you're welcome to leave now..
I don't want to work with you if in 2-3 month you leave, If u want to leave now, leave now..
cause if not, you're name will blacklisted, our client is huge, we know every HR in Malaysia, Overseas..
You won't be able to find any job once you blacklisted by us..so, anybody??"

and................that MR. Know everything left  !!!
And I'm depressed!I have to made my mind in 1 minute!!
and I choose to stay!! I've to try no matter what! I don't wanna be a coward!!
When My turn for one to one interview..
I've started my speech like...
"I've to be honest with you..actually I still haven't got a degree yet..I still have class..But I really want this job, can please at least give me half day on Monday?"

"Okay, I'll give you half day on Monday,, are you relief now?"
"Yes! Thanks, I'm so relief now"

Then he start with all the interview session and I got the job!!
I love working in that company, actually that is training company and I've learnt a lot from that company..
Honestly yes! And with that rezeki got from them, I've bought a car..Baybee Neo,,I was 22 when I bought a car okay!! why did I bought a car? did I plan to be CSC forever?did I forgot my DEGREE??BIOCHEMISTRY??
Of cause I have a plan, I'm tired of fighting with my siblings about car, so I've decided after discuss with my true LOVE,,, 
Wherever I work, I still need a car, even that time I feel like I don't wanna buy a car bcoz, It's costly..
Think of it..How can I go to work without a car?At least u need 3 month pay slip to buy a car,,
Any job u go for interview, they will ask you

 "Do you have a transport? How are going to work?"
worst if they say..
"This job need you to travel"
means that by hook or by crook u need a car!!
Even if don't have car now, I'm not a microbiologist now!!
So, guys,manage your transportation problem...okies?

Too long entries for introduction! hehe..
( orang kuat bebel mmg mcm nie..)

I will separate the enteries on tips on how to get a job..

All the best!!

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