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Saturday, February 12, 2011

♥tips for everyday make up♥ ::PART 1::

Yes I am a scientist,specifically microbiologist, but I'm definitely NOT NERD okay...
Since I was born I love pretty thing, I'm one of the fairy tales believer, I'm the PRINCESS wannabe ok..
I still remember I love to put on lipstick when I was a GIRL!!That tyme still flat *which part?*hehe..
I love pretty things, I always have a dream that 1 day i wanna make everybody pretty and stay young forever..not with susox but my own botox version..Botox not good okay, It's a neurotoxin  name as Botolinum Toxin protein produced by bacteria, use to paralyzed the muscle cells,whereby it'll inhibit acethylcholine release, thus causing flaccid ( sagging) paralysis of muscles! as opposed to the spastic paralysis!! Tat;s why those celebrity faces firm n tight!!  However,,even a tiny overdose could kill u!

GOSH! I don't know why peeps still using it....
*how do i know?becoz my BSc BioChem and botox is my Favorited subject ever!!*

Back to the topic...

I am the type that everyday I will wear make up to office, except if I need to go to the laboratory. i don't need to wear make up if only the bacteria will see my face.
Actually I didn't wear make up when I was in Uni, cause during my first year, have to walk like 10 km!!*I think*..Include goin up,goin down the hills..for ya info, I stay in Za'ba 7th College,University Malaya, I always respect this 1 sis, everyday wore make up, and she's walk also,,I respect u since u still be able to maintain ur make up!!*salute*
my 1st yr picture..*ignore the bumps*...I love that maybelline lip gloss!!they stop production already!
Eventho in 2nd year I drive,still didn't make up koz alwayz wake up late!!haha...So, mini make up bag always in my handbag...

okay,,so,,my face kinda big, my eyes are big,that bumps aso big,all big!haha..headache when u need to apply too much color onto my eyelid!! still,,,can't c the color when I open my eyes!! T_T
If those who have small eyes, give me two minutes, I'm done!
My Inspiration??MARITZA FERRER!!from spanish drama, LA MUJER ESPERJO..
1st:: her face shape same as mine *prasan*
2nd::she's damn hot to be a Chemist!

So, I've used to dream to be damn hot scientist like Maritza FERRER!hehe

Photo of Paola Rey
Loves her beauty??may be u thot that she just put tiny make up rite? 
I don't think so...trust me!
My everyday favorite make up style? Smokey eyes! yes I am! I love it so much, Love that Nude make-up..
I will share how to do the simple trix in next entry....


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