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Monday, February 21, 2011

I need guidance to the aisle

Yes I need lotsa guidance from experienced people out there..
I'm totally have no experience about wedding preparation..
My bro and sis still un-married...

But, adek nye gatai sgt nak kawen !! haha
Tp ada hikmah nye I kje kat Kuantan nie,,I dapat hsemate yg mmg bride2be..

So they guide me alot..
I thot wedding,, is just a wedding,,
But it's a lot more than that..
minimum amount,,the simplest wedding could cost u 2 0 K !!!

So,, I was the fairytale girl who always wanted to marry prince charming like CINDERella..
My family call me Ella,, No wonder I wanna be princess so bad !! 
Believe it or not I was addicted to watch ENCHANTED for like 20 times !! bestes movies ever..
They make all the fairytales are not just a dream,,But turn it into reality..
the princess dress are real !!

Enchanted,,*ada hati nak jadi princess??

However,,that is dream,,my wedding definitely be more malay tradition..
My HubBee.2.Bee bantah habis ckp I nak kawen mcm owg puteh !!
x salah kan?? I rasa kawen mcm org puteh lagi simple n jimat..x da pelamin bagai...
cukup ada arch..n then simple catering kan?? dah habes cite trus..
Bju satu jer..one honoured wedding dress !!

tah la,,planning for engagement sudah pusing satu badan..
dgn I kat Kuantan all my family,, HubBee.2.Bee kat KL..
BTW,,this weekend I'm coming back to KL for my brother's engagement..KEDAH plak tuh !!
I x tau la I sempat ke x nak g tailor, g bli emas for e-day n wedding..

Let's pray hard!!


i.b.t.i.s.a.m~ said...

seronok kan kalo gtu~~
bole jd mcm princess~~!
kuat berangan plak cik tie ni...

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

Betul kan?? kan best jd princess..
all dreams come true and live happily ever after..
in real life??tatau...
tp nak gak cantik mcm princess!!


kitakesitu said...

ehhee comel je berangan jd princess.bertunang simple-simple je.kawin yang pusing kepala.hehe.macam-macam aspek kena amik kira. =)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

itu lah msalahnyer,,angan2 nak jd princess,,,
cek purse dulu kan??klu tebal,lame suda kawen..


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