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Saturday, February 12, 2011

♥tips for everyday make up♥ ::PART 2::

As promised, I will continue with how to do 15minutes everyday make up..
Seriously guys, i think everybody is not perfect, like didn't put any make up your face is glowing..
For us, not so pretty, got bumps and hole,,bear2 eyes..dark or fair..doesn't matter..look at beyonce, Tyra banks canthik jerr...damn hot!!
With a simple touch up..u changed!

Just like me,
Seriously it was really easy, maybe easy for me cause I've used to it...
I've started with trial and error,
Nobody's knows to do everything when they born to this world okay...
So, since u free at home, why not just give a try....

Okay, first and foremost, to get started,
I love to make up afta shower..why? because, when u take shower, your skin are so fresh and all the pore's open, so that when you put anything onto your face, you won't felt uncomfortable like putting a plate onto your face!!
When ur skin pore's open it will absorb anything that you put on your face, So if you the type take sower early then when you want to go out only you'll put on make up, I suggest that you go wash your face, Let the cleanser 2-3 minutes on your face then only u wash it off..
To wash your face, my Doc said, do not rub it all over your face, (Like washing clothes) or else the acne will spread..*danger*
So, gently dap a cleanser on your palm, then rub it gently to get foam, then starting from the center of your face, rub it outwards to your face, to your cheek bone.. After 1-2 minutes, wash it off, usually I'll do something else like shampoo my hair, then when I'm done only I'll wash all over my body.. 
After shower, wipe it gently, and just put your face in front of the fan, Put toner, moisturizer, and blend it with cream..
In my case, I use safi....(last entry I've reveal the details)
Usually, If I'm lazy, Safi rania gold cream is enough already to be my foundation base..
then straight put on compact powder..
But off to work I put on LOreal foundation, Nice, not bad.Cost like 40 sumthin..Longer lasting than before this I've used maybelline, cheaper like 20 something..It's okay to spent money for foundation, why??since my foundation usually last for 2 years kot!haha..my sis rarely use make up, i think it's four years!!
Other brand like revlon, got good review from all around the world, may be next two years, I'll give a try..

As for powder, I didn't afford to buy expensive powder, before this I've tried Mac Loose powder, The effect?7 star!!for oily skin, scar of acne, u can use this..
At the moment, I used Maybelline extra smooth, it's good enough for me, as long look pretty, and not worsen my face, I'm okay..I don't like the green, this blue give smooth look...cost like 15 something..

credit to anis
U can also put on concealer to cover up panda eye bag..Will only use this when I'm out for dinner or special occasion, for me powder and foundation is good enough already...
choose the lightest color to cover up dark circle, dark spot, scars...apply this after applying foundation

As for blusher, I've used in2it!It's amazing, seriously, just one dab, it's done! Don't need to dab 5 times to get the barbie doll effect!

in2it 05 apricot pearl, with big brushes,It's a must!
The eyeshadow?It's so easy to get that sexy smoke eyes ok..maybe if you watch it on you tube it's so complicated, right?put this and that, end up u didn't even wanna do it..
my secret? I'll reveal it next entry, since I didn't wanna take any picture now, didn't plan to go out!

SUE xoxo

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