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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Should I call it chance? opportunity? "chance a lifetime only"?
This got to do with Chance to spend my $$$$$ ..

I've bought 5 shoes, since I thot I need 1 shoes, then wen I go here n there found another shoes, next day found another shoes again,,arghhh!!yup, for 5days holiday in KL!5 shoes!haha..(don't dare to take out from my car b00ts,my mom for sure will nagging like 3 months!!)

nice rite??like jimmy choo's haha,,may be 1 day I'll hav that Jimmy choo's..ESPADRILLES..hihihihihi

Oh NOOOOOO and I'm so unlucky that my Neo asses got hit by some college girl, & she didn't have any license!
UNLUCKY ME!!Poor my baybee neo..u're only 10 months years old!!*crying*

It seems Okay,But not ok!

close up....

Look! the bumper crash n the steel that protect my exhaust is damaged as well!So, I was expecting that I only need to change my bumper and the problem is settled!I was definitely wrong, when I check my Neo at Proton, The body was push towards back bonnet, So I need to do reformation *is it?* Not so sure, But it's something like have to send back to the factory, so that my baybee neo will recover as new..
Cost?? 1.5K$$ argghhh!!
Shut up!

Okay, so I've decided, No matter what i will send my Neo to so-called Hospital..but first I'll buy the bumper cost like 200$ since I've mange to buy it from Neo's friend from FB,Then I'll send it for paint, Then only send it to Hospital, but definitely not now..

Then at the same time my colleagues call me "Sue, U want BB Torch for $988?"

How I wish I want that torch!almost 60% discount okay! And BB Bills?My company pay for it!
Then I mange to negotiate to at least give me a month,, a month, but still I don't know..

What about my Neo? He's Injured and next month had to renew Insurance and road tax, Need approx 1300$!


My Engagement is coming soon 30th April Okay!
Still I didn't do any preparation yet..I've browse through Gulati's, Found what I like..pale pink,soft pink, like close to white,cost like 240$ after discount..I don't know..

shweet right??I love it so much..But then when I called my MIL, She says that she will gave me black pink net, chiffon to make my dress,, But it's black..pretty,seriously, It's just that I'm worried It'll not appropriate for engagement since everybody wants to look sweet, demure during engagement..hmm..I don't know..

but n0 matter what..I'm Happy,,I Love my baybee Love,,we had such wonderful time together..Miss u soo much Love!

Ehh,not that Love only but baybee love...



Hope everything goes well...

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