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Sunday, February 20, 2011

which pink are you ?

Who loves pink hands up please !
Yes, yes, i am !!
I'm crazy over pink !!

Just listen! How many times do we use the word “Pink” in a positive way?  “In the pink” = healthy, good, happy.  Pink is associated with childhood innocence and with feminine nature.  It’s a bit flirty, too – which makes it a sassy color.

are u a pink lover?? I know this days pink is too cmmon for all girls ...
Does 20's sumtin is still consider a  girl?? hmm..maybe due to overdose of Barbie fever wen we still a lil' girl..
Have u google and search about pink??
pink has its own story okay..don't believe me?? check at wiki okay...
I found this at wiki..

so which pink are u??
I say BLUSH PINK !! pale softest pink !! baby pink !
Hello kitty's Pink !!
hello kitty house for real!!

Lately I'm crazee over blush pink !
It's such a soft and calming color !

why I love blush pink???
Blush Pink makes me happy !!

And I love the combination of off white and blush pink, it's incredibly pretty!!
My engagement, my weeding,,my rumah tangga all must be off white and blush pink !!

Look at all this pretty shoes..blush pink !

Look at this angel..owh..gorgeus!!

If posibble, i wanted a pink car !! (**overdose of paris hilton wanna be pills..**)

There's a movie in 1986, pretty in pink !!!

P/s: those pink haters..this blog might hurt your eyes..please wear prada sunglasses..


Nurul Ain J said...

Those are some damn hot shoes! :O

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

u're rite!!!totally hot!!
dear,,dun tell me u're in the same group of mine now??pink gang??

Nurul Ain J said...

Oi. Org dah lama dah pink ar sejak Avril pon pink. Wannabe tak aku? LOL :D

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

wah ak hilary duff wannabe ko plak avril wanna be..
tp muka ko tuh mmg iras avril..
ececeh,,bila nak convert style plak??

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