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Monday, February 21, 2011

stress!! I miss being BUSY!

Why am I stress??
I'm stressful but not like others...But I'm stress for the following reason..


waarrrgghh..wat to do?
I duno!! I dun have job to do at all..I'm sitting on my chair and blogging..
To be hon,,I've never tot of blogging at all..
since livin my life in Kuantan, I'm bored! (tahap gaban)

Is it normal u shaking ur leg at office ??
sometimes I miss those busy and hectic life in KL..
Workload, traffic jam, Having breakfast in car, make up in the car,,
Honestly,, I'm havin fun out of it..

I've used my time wisely by doin job in happy mood..
9 to 6 doin job,,laughin with colleagues,,
then hanging around at nite..talk an talk..and laugh out loud..
Where I tot wen ur happy,,U didn't realize time is running,,
( tau tau je da next gaji, x pasan pon da sebulan ! )
I miss those days seriously,,I'm not kidding..
These picture is taken during our dinner at Royale Bintang..

CSC's show
angel's of the nite..LOL


Livin life in Kuantan,,is too "heaven"..
No traffic,,not hactic,,nutin to chase...

Maybe u tot tat I'm crazy..
tak bersyukur and all that..
Seriously, I am,,Thank God for all of this,,
But I am crazeeeeee,,
Crazeeee koz livin in too peaceful place..

orang jadi gila sebab terlalu bz,,stress byk gle kje,,x smpat makan x spend time for family,anak nangis2,bini lagi, nak layan laki lagi,, tensen..
ada jugak orang gila sbb lonely,,anti-social,,x der org nak ganggu...terlalu peaceful!! sampai x tau nak wat pe dah!


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