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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hola..Quick Updates!!

It's been a while since I've check-in-to this blog!!
What a FiSh!..Well ya I know..It's been a busy day of my life..
workin hard **was it really hard??or hanging out so hard??** =P
Yes I admit it..always have that Blogging Ideas playin on my mind..but i jus don't!
OK now I'm back just to share some lil' tiny minie story of my life..okies..

Rite..about one month to go to take off "fionce" title away and I'll be officially a WIFEY?
Really?Honestly 78.8% excited and partly feel kinda nervous to think of how does my wedding gna be like?
Is it a shweet lovey dovey wedding?
or is it gna be like an out-dated-Granny wedding?
Or is it gna be just a wedding??
I dunno...
All I know is one of the best thing that will remain forever..
is that TIE.the.KNOT of me n my HoneyDeW Fionce

Tmr I'm gna do my first fitting..I'm a lil' bit nervous....
with that Granny stitch-embroidery-TV Cover material or we call it PRADA/GuiPUre lace..
Combination with Table-Cloth-Lycra *for real?Yeah!Crazy isn't?

Wedding Theme?Please don't even ask!!
Seriously I Mean it!
I gotta say most likely this wedding are just 5% of what i dream of!

Wedding Card??By next Week..InsyaAllah will start to invite people officially!!
**When i was a lil' girl,,Always have this dream of Inviting people by visiting their home 
**with hottie look of Kim Kardashian n driving BMW sport??
and for real??FB RSVP- good enough isn't?

D.a.I.S - English Garden with bling2 glamour but simple look??

Shoe-Still thinking of 5 inch cinderella  platform heelS!perfect for me**of being shortie and wide!
But sadly saying that I'll be taller than my Prince..
So?No kitty heels!I hate it! minimum is 4 inch!
I'll figure it out later..

And ya not forgetting,,I'm now playing Gym,,Crazy isn't?
Not that Crazy of losing weight,,But Spending on Unnecessary Stuff!
It's been 3 weeks havn't been to the GYM!
I only love the Sauna and Steam room..the rest..Hate it!
But For 1 month of workout..I've loose 3 kgs**Dun expect so much as I still look the same!**Sigh*
Shud I Thanks my PT*Personal Trainer* or is Shud I thank myself of wasting my penny's?
And now in Silent mode of Rejecting my  PT Incoming Call!

Speaking of Unnecessary Expenses..
I've just Awarded my Baybee Neo With New Sport 'Shoes'!
17"!awesome!u look gorgeous baybee!

And not forgeting..my oh my money flying away for Roadtax & Insurance for Neo Baybee aso!

Yup..and all that  happen in One Month!
Another Month to go..what's gna happen now??
BrideZellA Mood comin on my way..oh noo o!!

and ya..I'm dedicating special LOVE for newly Born Baby Hilary Duff!
Wish that Life of Suhilary is fantastico as Hilary..



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