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Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

hye hottie babes!!..
110811 is my 24th bday!!!yups...
I'm old enof to get married  aite??
is there anybody out there been married yesterday??
I've juz realize,,it's 110811,,wat a hot number rite?
it could only happen in 100 years??wow!!hopefully 24th is a great year for me...
As Mohamad Afiq's Fiance....
Actually I've notice the date (110811) when Im takin my fiance to clinic..he's got into motobike accident..
told him I hate motobike..it's too risky..and I couldn't imagine if... (STOP IT!!)
Alhamdulillah,,he's OK,,juz some body ache...

OK let's just forget about it,,yet Im still happy as I fall in love with him again!!..
I swear to god my fiance he's not dat romantic lovey dovey kind a guy..
But he's really sweet..n wtv he done for me,it's from his heart,,an he meant it...

So,,as for me,,I'm livin in fairy tale love,,always hope for romantic dinner,roses,he open the door for me..all sort of faries stories...hmmm..
Not to put hope so much,, I just act normal tat day...
after we went to clinic, he saids he needs to see his fren urgently...

Hubbe.2.Be: Syg, I need to see my friend urgently..
Me: Why?is it sumtin to do wit ur work..
Hubee.2be.: yeah,,sumtin like tat..
Me:just tell me about it..
Hubby to be.: i'll tell u afta I met my friend..
Me:let me c ur phone
Hubby.2be: No syg!! please respect me!
Me:wat are trying to hide from me?can't u just spit it out!tell me! Is this more important than me??what more important than me??
Hubby.2me: Im begging please,after I see my friend, I promise will tell u everything,,please just be patient..
Me: ok, but u hv to park car rite in front of ur friend..
Hubby: No sorry can't do that..
Me:Is it a girl?????
Hubby.2 be: it's a guy! I swear...

Then I put trust on him..I just wait in the car..deep inside my heart,, I thot hope sneaking him,,but it's seems like I doubt him.No!I'm not gna do that coz I trust Him!..
After like 20 minutes..felt falling sleep already..somebody knocking on my door,,
Then he said..
"happy birthday honey!"
lookin at the roses he gave me!!
there are six of them..symbol of our love,,6 years 2gether!
n there I go agains..tears runnin over my mascara...

So sweet of u syg!seriously I would never expect of this!!tq so much...
then he took me to watch movie..and we went to chili's..
god damn perfect...Good food,,good service,,and perfect views!in front of lake with the sunset view..
I swear to god..I always dream of this moment in my fairy tale diaries!!
Always wanna c sunset with my Love!
I've got it on my 24th birthday as his Fiance!

Thanks for being everything to me,,
happy n sorrow..
Nobody in this world can take ur place,,
as u r the only one in my heart..
I will always love u 4ever n ever..

please click to read his shweeet bday wishes!!....heeeeeee..

sygku buchuk.guess what, it's ur bday honey, and i hope i can make your dreams come true, but part of me say i already do, thats dream u been dream on has come true bcoz it already filled with love and happiness that we go true started the first time we met,i'll never forget our sweet and bad memorized, syg ur love and care, has built my world without you,i'm not me, so wish u a very happy birthday n our love will keep stronger until the end and forever honey...:=)


malynd_anggun said...

happy belated birthday sue!! hope u will last forever with ur mr hubby to be!! :)

Adawiyah A.Halim said...

hepi bufday su!!!!!

Renee Meow said...

happy belated bday dear... :)

huhu sho shweet lah ur partner.. mesti hati berbunga2 kan tgk wall post dia tu.. :)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

tq malynd.. amin amin amin ya rabbal alamin!~

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

tq for the wshes ada!

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

renee...mst ler berbunga2..naseb x meroyan senyum 3 hari x ilang tau!!..heeee

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