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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mini Dais for my engagement day..

Hey babes...
I know my bad that i didn't share anything on my e-day..as everybody is sharing their memorable days together all in B2b blog..Honestly, by reading all of the B2b blog out there,,,It helps me alot...seriously..
Like how to be more serious on getting married,,,and it's not tat easy as u prepare ur birthday partay..
thanks to all b2b..love ur blog,,and please keep share all those shweet unforgettable experience,,,

Suddenly I thot,,
I'd rather buy expensive branded bag tat last for 5 years than buying cheap bag(300 time cheaper maybe) tat can last for 1 month?!
I'm paying for good stuff and good quality...
Is this applicable to wedding as well??

I dunno..I just don't want to waste any penny at all..seriously..

As for my engagement, I only started to really seriously plan it like a month before..
and for my mini dais??like one nite before!!!!yes!please believe it!
thanx to my lil' sis,,i think is really pretty n shweett..thank darlin!

Before my engagement my mak.2.be did ask me wheather there will be any pelamin or not..since she said she kinda shy as she and i will the highlight for that day..hehe..
Then I said: misti la der,,t x best la x le tgkp gamba,,simple2 je..hik hik"
i dont want to spend a lot on my dais..so I've used wtv we have at home and bring back to kampong..
my lil' sis make it..climb the ladder to nailed the curtain right on the highest part of the ceiling, so it won't look ugly if u can see the brown-wood-wall..so not into my color!hihi...

I've choose rite in the middle of the hse as u walk into the hse u can see the nice lay out pelamin..
hehe..it's like two storey high...
and the sunlisght is focus on my dais,,so that "berseri2"!..
however there is some pic kinda dark as so many people takin my pix during the "sarungkan cincin" part..

my lil' sis love to do the scallop..as she just learned how to do it..and took the extra "paper rose flower" mama made it for my hantaran...and i think it's so sexy and brilliant to put it in between the scallop..nice rite..

As for the mini stage we use like bed pad..and cover with small folded single mattress and again covered with extra lining from my engagement dress!haha..then my sis nailed it on the bed pad..

and rite after they called my officially fiance to come in..he's salam all my uncle's and dad and straight come to me and SIT NEXT TO ME!!..

can u believe it!he's so nervous and he forget this is not solemnization but an engagement!
and he whispered to me "syg,knape kecik sgt pelamin nie?"
Wat? I thot u said no need pelamin at all??

Hahaha,,but's turn out to be ok..and everybody laugh and it's kinda break the ice rite??
all people say.." haa,jgn dekat2,,kene ctet trus nikah!"

That's my lil' story on my mini dais...maybe when i have time I'll share on other things...
Like my friend said.."seje cter pasal tunang,,nak amek mood kawen"...
maybe pasni i pukul my own ontot so tat jgn mls2 nak prepare wedding!..g JOGGING!!

1 comment:

Nadya Zahid said...

heheheeheh..comelllllll :)
when is ur big day eh?

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