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Monday, January 31, 2011

♥ enof is enof ♥

I just don't understand,
why do you really have to brake my heart?,
It's really hurt,
Can't you really see it,
Who sincerely Loves u,
Who pretend to love n like u,
Just to eat u up?

She messed up everything,
Everything we used to have,
If we not strong,
I believe she's destroy our future,

I don't think you love us at all,
You wouldn't left us with burden,
You wouldn't let us "to be kill by Gangster"
She took everything!,
Our Lives! That I can't forget!
I'm sorry!
Eventho it's been 7 years!,
Still, u believe That fuckin Bitch!!

I've tried my best,
I'm Glad God still Love me,
I love my mother so much,
she's everything to me,
She wouldn't left us for any sake,
I love u so much MAMA!

How I wish u know how i felt,
but i didn't wanna be disgrateful daughter!

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