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Friday, January 14, 2011

It's been a while,,but 2011 already!

Hey..Just wanna drop by since It's been a while already I left this very 1st blog of mine..
Just quick update..
Before the 2010 end I've successfully done making my probiotic n antibiotic for chicken supplement..
I'm proud of me, even tough nobody think it it's a big deal..but now I'm relief that I'm be able to run the development of probiotic..I've go to trough all the steps corrctly..yup2..now everytin is super clear!
my 2011 resolution one n one only
I wanna get married with my only LOVE mohamad afiq..
In a way hv to save money, take care of my diet, and get fit!!

Just a sneek preview of me 2011 pix...


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