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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My lab is under fungus attack!

Yesterday was the first time i saw a place full of fungus..eeeeeeuuww!!
True!! It's only 3 weeks i left my lab, couldn't believe it because it's the first time ok!!
what happen?? Ok as everybody knows that Malaysia is a h0t country, u will never see sn0w coming down to Malaysia..And it is my first time living in kuantan, I know in the east coast between Dec to Jan is monsoon season, Like in Australia, ( they had terrible flood)

geographically we are not 4 seasons country okay..so it's really cool, wet, and breezy during this monsoon season..not in Australia but in Kuantan okay..LOL


I just can't believe that fungus could infected my lab.
I'm tired! cleaning out all over the lab.
But when i told everybody who lives in Kuantan, the say..

"It's Normal............."

Sue xoxoxo

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