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Monday, January 31, 2011

♥verymarykate story♥

When I was a high school girl, I have a friend who loves to read book.Which I'm NOT. I'm totally like to read book when I'm having exam TOMORROW! LOL...
So, I was influenced by her to read Mary-Kate and Ashley..They are so adorable, and I believe everybody at my age would love to be them..they cute, pretty, and filthy RICH!!

Their hair, face, life, everything seems perfect..But then, it didn't last for so long, when they grown up, they starting to take drugs, become anorexic, and the last movie that I've remembered New York Minute..
And after that I've never heard anything about them anymore..I've tried Google them,,yet I miss back all my teenage life..hmmm *_*
Here all the picture of them

Cute and smokin HOT!!

and when I was really bored, kept refreshing my  FB homepage, I saw my friend status " I'm addicted to VERYMARYKATE, So, I straight click the link  and I watched all the short movies episode..
It was hillarious..It's a nice short movie, if you encraving to laugh out loud when you feel so stress or even bored at the office..COOL..Credit to Elaine Caroll..Thanks for makes me happy..

Visit verymarykate FB or verymarykate official website and watch all of the episode! Cool!! Let's Laugh Out loud!!

SUE xoxoxo


Ain J said...

AWWW! I miss high school (Puteri Wilayah) too! Okay, aku nak tgk ar VERYMARYKATE tu!

suhilary said...

me too!!!ko klik la link tuh..mmg gler mengong but menghiburkn,,huhuu

malynd_anggun said...

yo~ sgt suke juge dgn mereka!! teringat dolu2..
miss my tenaage life so so much 2!! thanks for the link...xsabo nk tgk..hehe..

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

eh,,i pon da 2 weeks x tgk..hehe check very mary kate every tuesday....

*dpt comission x tlg promote??*hehe..


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