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Saturday, August 27, 2011

pretty on it's own way~

morning ols~
wow,i've just woke up and look at my blog..it's empty doh..
what do u think of BEAUTIFUL?
Am I pretty?
are u pretty?
is she pretty?
Is Hilary duff pretty?yup gorgeous!
Is Rozita Che Wan pretty?Damn Hot!

Sometimes when I felt beautiful,,i felt confident...
when I'm putting up make up,, i felt pretty   and confident..
when I'm naked, I felt like god I'm the ugly beast,,like a maid walking in the bazaar!..
eeeuuww..at least cinderella stiil look charming with ugly clothes!

I still remember I'd always have this dream of...
"When I'm working,,I wanna have a job that can cover my "beauty expenses""
Such as..my make up,,my beauty cream, can go to see Dermatologist and  have a Vitamin C injection! to get rid off all of my acne scars!! that is the most important..
But then,,life is not as beautiful as u imagine....
I'm now focusing to get married..so forget all that!
I don't wanna wear 80's clown gown on my big day..
no no no...BIG NO..

But now I'm still thinking what is beauty about..
Always ask my Hubby.2be,,
"Am I pretty?"
and he saids.."pretty!u are fair like soy's bean!"
"what about my skin?"
"aaa that?ur skin felt like.."(I start to pinch him already!hahaha)

Ok2,,enough ok,,starting from today once a week let's do facial!
yup i promise myself!
My lil' sis had a business on spa,, and i just mislook at it?
come on suhailla!don't be a cheapskate! 
20 bucks only!

and guys,,don't u think it's cool to be pretty as barbie doll?
u can wear anything but still look pretty?
what do u think????????????

Happy weekends....


Renee Meow said...

dear u mmg dah cantek okehhhh.. ;)

♥SuHiLaRy♥ said...

haha,, gamba edit yang,,,hahahha,,canthek la..

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